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What The Campaign To Suppress The Hunter Biden Story Tells Us About Joe Biden, Media Corruption, And American Politics

Ben Domenech was joined by Miranda Devine to talk about what the corporate media won’t cover, lessons since 9/11, and her new book ‘Laptop From Hell.’


The Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech was joined by Miranda Devine, a New York Post columnist and Fox News contributor, on the Ben Domenech Podcast to talk about what the corporate media won’t cover, lessons since 9/11, and her new book, “Laptop From Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide.”

“What sets apart American media in this current moment, from the rest of the world in the attitude the media has toward these partisan debates that we’re going through, and toward other fellow media members?” Domenech asked.

“I always had thought of the American mode [of journalism] as being more protected against pressures to be partisan and to lie and to [push] propaganda,” Devine said, “but it turned out to be more exquisitely vulnerable.” Outlets like The New York Times and the Washington Post are “still capable” of solid journalism at moments, she added, but “they have so sullied the idea of objectivity that they are now routinely publishing propaganda that services one side of politics.”

The Biden administration, furthermore, is demonizing their opponents while bemoaning a lack of national unity, Domenech noted. Meanwhile, corporate media outlets have forsaken their old practice of sticking up for journalists of other political views simply for the sake of their profession’s integrity, with the treatment of the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop revelations being a prime example.

The information about Joe Biden from Hunter’s laptop “should have disqualified him from office,” Devine said, “and yet the story was actively suppressed … it was a collusion of Big Tech, Facebook and Twitter, and The New York Times, CNN, Politico, all these august journalistic organizations decided to go mum on it.”

“This suppression campaign, which is all you can call it, got a big assist from the former intelligence community,” Devine added. Fifty “former spooks,” she said, “all signed an open letter to say this had all the hallmarks of a Russian disinformation operation, and that was a complete lie.”

“Do you believe that ultimately we will learn the truth about the various deals that have been done [involving Hunter Biden], the amount of money that has sloshed through into the Biden family coffers?” Domenech asked Devine. “Or is this a situation where even when we do learn it, the power of the media cathedral to spin this narrative the way they want is going to mean that most Americans remain unfamiliar with it?”

“Hunter’s antics, you can only see as part of Joe Biden’s,” Devine said. “Joe used his son as the bagman for the family. This is not a story about Hunter Biden, addict. This is a story about Joe Biden and his 50 years of corruption in the state of Deleware which he then globalized when he became vice president.”

Domenech and Devine also reflected on the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and lessons learned since then. “The feeling of camaraderie and unity was incredible,” Devine remembered. “It was like wartime.”

Since then, however, “the 20 years of war has really profoundly demoralized Americans because you had successive administrations that didn’t know why they were sending soldiers over there,” she added. “Ultimately now we’re trying to grapple with all those years of wasted effort which was brought to an unholy conclusion by the worst person possible in Joe Biden.”

While the American spirit which was on display after 9/11 “is what’s kept everything going and kept us safe,” Devine said, “unfortunately there is this malign influence … now inside this country which is weakening it from within, and that’s coming from the left.”

Republicans should realize that “the left never misses an opportunity to capitalize on misfortune,” she added, and should stop expecting Democrats to work with them in a bipartisan way. “I’m hoping the red pilling that’s happening with the Biden presidency will wake up a lot of people.”

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