Domenech: The American Crisis Can Be An Opportunity For American Renewal

Domenech: The American Crisis Can Be An Opportunity For American Renewal

After encouraging citizens to reject “woke” agendas that dictate their lives, Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech said Americans must wake up and be prepared to fight in the struggle to preserve their nation on Friday’s edition of Fox News “Primetime.

“What does it mean to be wide awake? What are you prepared to do if you are? The challenges we face are enormous — from outsourcing to stagnating wages, a disconnected Wall Street, ‘woke’ schools and corporations, depleted police, rising crime, cartel-driven chaos at the border, and an emboldened China prepared to eat our lunch,” Domenech said. “All of it, the results of policies our elites have made.”

Those policies, Domenech argued, can change. But the answer is not just to vote — it is to organize against the “deterioration of everything that made our American communities great.”

“Run for office. Create a media organization to FOIA curriculum. Start a neighborhood group — present yourself under an umbrella that welcomes all other responsible members of your community who are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and who are willing to stand up” Domenech proposed.

Petty school board members who indoctrinate children through critical race theory and mask-obsessed tyrants aren’t out of reach, Domenech said. Teachers’ refusal to teach children during the pandemic created the precedent of online schooling — but now that parents have a glimpse into racist thought permeating their children’s’ schools, the cameras aren’t going away.

“Tell them in no uncertain terms: ‘You’ve lost the right to privacy with my children,'” Domenech declared.

But don’t stop at teachers, he said. Force prosecutors to do their jobs and defend your community from crime. Support local endeavors — local cops, local firemen, local businesses with your money and your time, instead of supporting “strangers on the internet [who pay] Jeff Bezos to play space cowboy.”

Additionally, Domenech continued, mind your spiritual health. Attend church regularly, make faith a habit for you and your family, and “teach that God is there all the time and for all time.”

Without a concerted effort to form thriving families and strong, close-knit communities, “we will never rescue or rebuild this republic.”

“Taking all these steps to save your community is a form of cultural voting. America was never supposed to rely on government to create a moral citizenry — citizenry produces a moral government,” Domenech said. “That’s why all these small steps could be more important than voting.”

America is a far cry away from rebuilding the nation, Domenech said. Churches have been demolished by the pandemic, institutions are feeble and overrun with “wokeness,” neighborhoods are ravaged by homelessness and drug use, schools are full of anti-American race baiters, and the “woke” military is woefully unprepared for war with China. Saving the nation will be no easy endeavor, he warned.

“Whoever said defending liberty would be easy?” Domenech asked. “[The left] wants you to sleep. They want you to kneel. They want you to fade away. They demand and expect it.”

“You may be canceled. You may be fired. You may have to give your family permission to disavow your viral video,” Domenech noted. “Antifa may come after you to prove their ‘dutiful usefulness’ and protect their trust funds and ‘McMansions.'”

It would be more comfortable to stay asleep or to stay quiet — to simply enjoy the many “worldly benefits of the on-demand economy,” counting the days until you are dead. But America is “melting away before us,” Domenech said.

“If I could tell you honestly that this moment did not demand much of you, I would. But the hour is late, and the task before us is enormous,” Domenech said. “So often, the left wins because they count on you to stop fighting. Conservatives don’t temperamentally believe everything is political. But totalitarians don’t take days off.”

That’s why the wide-awake movement must be “big-tent,” Domenech challenged.

“There are more of us than there are of them. And it’s time they felt it,” he said. “The American crisis can be the opportunity for American renewal — that’s why it’s worth doing. It’s only by doing hard things and overcoming them that we find genuine happiness.”

“There are some who mean to rule you — who believe you will always capitulate, you will always kneel, you will always sleep.” Domenech said. “How scared do you think they will be when you show them what you are made of — when you show them you are wide-awake? On that day, they will be right to be afraid.”

See Domenech’s full monologue below.

Haley Strack is an intern at The Federalist and a student at Hillsdale College studying politics and journalism. Follow her on Twitter @StrackHaley or reach her at [email protected]
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