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Ben Domenech: ‘Are You Woke Or Are You Wide Awake?’

Ben Domenech

Americans must “stand up to a brittle corrupt leadership that seeks to force you to trade your freedom for the self-satisfaction that no mob will ever come for you.”


Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech said Americans must decide if the woke agenda will dictate their lives or if they will choose to stand up for themselves.

“The irony of the term woke is that it is designed to keep you asleep. Asleep to the reality of what’s going on around you, sedated from having to do anything to fix a real problem. Woke messaging demands you obey and break faith with your heritage of freedom, but it also serves as a religion that demands little more than that obedience,” Domenech said on Fox News Monday night.

Domenech gave the example of how public schools fail black and Hispanic Americans.

“Just accept the narrative of systemic racism in your heart as your Lord and Savior. Just wear the ribbon. That’s all,” Domenech said before showing the iconic ribbon clip from “Seinfeld.”

“For wealthy suburbanites, as long as you don’t share the wrong article or like the wrong tweets, you can keep sending your kids to their expensive private school. No Zoom lockdowns looming for them, of course,” he said.

Domenech likened “the performative quality of wokeness” to Aldous Huxley’s fictitious drug used to keep those in “Brave New World” happy and “pleasantly obedient.”

“And if ever, by some unlucky chance, anything unpleasant should somehow happen, why, there’s always Soma to give you a holiday from the facts,” Domenech said. “Today, Soma is in great supply here in America. It’s been properly corporatized with woke capitalism combining with state pressure to ensure you can find a way of feeling superior to others. Just look away from the real problems, and go watch a woke lady superhero. You’re not one of those people, you’re an ally. The sign in front of your house says it in all the right colors.”

One way to “stand up to a brittle corrupt leadership that seeks to force you to trade your freedom for the self-satisfaction that no mob will ever come for you,” Domenech said, is to examine the Wide Awakes from the 1860s.

“You may not know about the Wide Awakes, but you should,” Domenech said. “There were hundreds of thousands of them in 1860 and their organizations stretched from Maine to California. They were a militaristic fraternity dedicated to human liberty. They had banners and marches and baseball teams. They carried oil lamps, wore capes, and wielded bats, and they stumped for a rising Republican rail-splitter named Abraham Lincoln.”

While the Wide Awakes were often looked down on by political elites, Domenech noted that “there was never in this country a more effective campaign organization than the Wide Awakes.”

“They were there at the massive rallies that supported Lincoln, acting as security to prevent the harassment of pro-liberty speakers across the country. Their symbol was a giant eye opened to see the truth. Whether passionate abolitionists or just fed up with the out-of-touch Democratic President James began, the Wide Awakes were united under the belief that they could no longer tolerate the corrupt old order that ran the country. They were awake to the deep reality of this corruption, and they understood, there could be no compromise with a regime of slavery. No looking away anymore,” Domenech said.

Now, in the 2020s, Domenech said Americans need to evaluate whether they are woke or wide awake.

“The woke want you asleep, locked down, docile, tamed, subdued. They want you to turn away from the truth and embrace a comforting lie but it is time,” Domenech concluded. “It is time for all of us as free citizens to wake up. It is time to demand our leaders wake up. It is time to turn to your fellow citizens and ask them ‘are you woke or are you wide awake?'”