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The Left Has A Pedophilia Problem, And It’s Out In The Open


Like many others, I have fond memories of my childhood. Whether I was marching in an Independence Day Parade, binge-watching the Power Rangers, or making gingerbread men for Christmas with my family, I had the chance to enjoy a childhood that preserved my innocence, an innocence that is unique to children and that, once lost, doesn’t return. 

A subset of children growing up today will likely recall certain aspects of their childhood very differently. The left has, with a startling degree of success, endeavored to reshape our society by embedding their beliefs within the experience of childhood, overshadowing 4th of July parades with Pride parades, implanting LGBT propaganda in children’s shows, and supplanting gingerbread men with the “genderbread person.”

In isolation, any of these specific incidences would be unsettling, to say the least, but by viewing them in the larger context one reaches a conclusion that is just as unconscionable as it is unavoidable. It isn’t just that controversial beliefs are being thrust into childhood experiences, but that the natural curiosity, openness, and naivety that is the inherent disposition of youth is being hijacked to normalize a divergent sexual ethic. 

This interest in children s not purely ideological, however. With increasing frequency, the obvious has become undeniable. Those who have a creepy obsession with involving children in their sexual tastes, and use any avenue at their disposal to do so, either have a direct sexual interest in children or want to run cover for those who do. The left has a pedophilia problem, and it’s only getting worse.

I was made painstakingly aware of this fact when I attended the 2019 San Francisco Pride Parade to interview attendees for my YouTube channel, which I co-host with a friend. One particularly honest marcher told my co-host that he is “down for the kink with kids,” mentioning later that he believed that “age is a construct.”  

Another demonstrator informed me that child involvement in drag is “so cool” and that “there should be more kids doing drag” before saying that the statement “love has no age” is “100 percent true” and letting loose a Freudian slip when he admitted that a child drag queen who performed in a gay night club was paid in the same manner “you do with strippers.”

In case you have the impression that this is an isolated incident, take a look at this mashup of Vice headlines, which in several instances attempt to generate sympathy for pedophiles, obfuscate the definition of pedophilia, and confer legitimacy to “non-offending” pedophiles, including one pseudonymously named Ian whose job “involved children directly” and another called Gary, a man who “developed feelings for a three-year-old girl” but calls himself a “virtuous” pedophile who supposedly doesn’t act on his attraction. Gary was also a foster parent to three children and was subsequently accused of sexually assaulting one of the young girls.

These articles offer some rather striking context for other articles from Vice, such as one in which they fawn over “Photos of the Fabulous Kids of RuPaul’s Drag Convention,” which the publication describes with a fire emoji. As mentioned earlier, one of these children danced on stage for money in a New York City gay bar for a crowd of adult men, which was caught in a video that I can’t link in good conscience. 

Lest you believe that Vice is alone in their attempt to normalize pedophilia, turn your attention to the New York Times article “What’s the Best Way to Protect Sex Workers? Depends on Whom You Ask” which opens with the line “TS Candii first traded sex at age 13.” No, New York Times. That’s called pedophilia, not trading sex. 

The article reports glowingly on the pedophilic, serial rape of a child who turned to prostitution after “she was forced out of her family home” before “taking refuge with a group of older transgender women who became her mentors” and “taught her how to support herself through sex.”

Normal people would think this sounds a whole lot like a group of perverts pimping out a homeless child for sex. One has to ponder why euphemisms are being used to try and obscure that reality. Perhaps it is because the left has a pedophilia problem.

This type of perversion isn’t an isolated incident in the corporate media, either, with The Washington Post recently running a piece called “Yes, kink belongs at Pride. And I want my kids to see it” that is just as disgusting as the headline makes it sound.

Associate professor at Yale University Joe Fischel echoed this sentiment in his article “Keep Pride Nude” where he asks “What is the presumptive harm if a child …. sees an adult’s butt cheeks, or even an adult’s genitals or breasts?” Fischel then goes on to advocate for children to be exposed to a whole host of other perversions and speaks the language of groomers, which I detail in a previous article. He even tries to justify his perversity when he says “children might like it.”

The New York Times, Washington Post, and Yale faculty aren’t the only powerful players attempting to normalize pedophilia. Flora Gill, a biweekly columnist on “sex and relationships” who writes for, called for the creation of “porn for children,” which she calls “entry level porn,” in a now deleted tweet.

How could one also forget the infamous Drag Queen Story Hour program, which was initially backed by wealthy interests from San Francisco and has been caught hosting convicted sex criminals on three separate occasions? One of the program’s events was also hosted by a man who has been charged with seven counts of child pornography possession.

There’s also Netflix with its gut-wrenching film “Cuties,” which one grand jury in Texas indicted as child porn.

Popular left-wing personality Vaush also has a history of defending pedophilia, saying in one video that pedophiles who buy child pornography should not be held accountable. The “antifascist” figure also takes an interest in the “sexual dynamics of pre-colonial Hawaiian civilization,” where people allegedly had sex with children, despite there being “no culture of child abuse,” the implication being that pedophilia is apparently not a form of child abuse.  

Left-wing openness about targeting children have become even bolder recently, with the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus performing a song with the lyrics “You think that we’ll corrupt your kids if our agenda goes unchecked. Fine, just this once you’re correct” before following up with “We’ll convert your children, happens bit by bit, quietly and subtly and you will barely notice it.”

They even sing “You’ll be disgusted when they start finding things online that you’ve kept far from their sight” in a not-so-subtle apparent reference to pornography.

Although the group issued a statement, claiming the song was a joke and just about “teaching young people to speak out against anti-LGBTQ hate,” it appears skepticism is warranted, if for no other reason than that the left has a pedophilia problem. As it turns out, a Western Journal report found that several of the performers’ names were also listed on California’s sex offender registry, some for acts of pedophilia, although it is possible these matches are coincidental.

Those singers might not be the only ones from this performance with a shady record. The song’s writers, Charlie Sohne and Tim Rosser, previously wrote a musical all about the pedophilic practice of bacha bazi, or “boy play,” which even the New York Times found disgusting

The left has a pedophilia problem, and it’ll keep getting worse unless the right is entirely unencumbered by disingenuous appeals to “tolerance,” meaningless catchphrases like “love is love,” or empty insults like “homophobe.” Such rhetorical devices are not used in good faith, and treating them as if they are anything other than well-crafted maneuvers to undermine any sexual ethic that leaves childhood innocence intact is the height of naivety.