J.T. Young
J.T. Young

J.T. Young served in the Treasury Department and the Office of Management and Budget from 2001 to 2004 and as a congressional staff member from 1987 to 2000.

Crime Is Spiking In U.S. Cities Because Democrats Literally Asked For It

Just as penalties are more severe for more serious offenses, once enforcement is removed the dynamic reverses: greater lawbreaking brings a larger return.

Here’s More Proof The Left Is Willing To Burn Everything Down For Power

The left’s response was a scorched earth policy to destroy Trump. Five years into their implacable opposition, we now see the earth the left scorched was America.

The More Victims It Can Create, The More The Left Succeeds

Like showbiz agents, the left is the real winner from their culture of victimhood. The more successful they are, the more victims they create.

Big Cities’ Overspending Killed Their Resilience Against Pandemic Lockdowns

America’s big cities and habitually blue states have suffered a pre-existing condition for a long time: their left-leaning government control.

Democrats’ Gross Lockdown Hypocrisy Threatens Their Chances In 2020

Democrats took aggressive social distancing action to combat coronavirus, but they’re throwing their arguments out the window when it comes to rioting and protesting.

Drastic Coronavirus Lockdowns Are The Most Regressive Policies Since The Draft

The draft’s inequities were clear, and efforts to address them failed because the policy was inherently regressive. So too are lockdowns.

The Jussie Smollett Hoax Wouldn’t Have Worked Without A Complicit Media

Hearing what they already ‘knew,’ the establishment media ignored everything that ran counter to the ‘proper’ narrative—especially the facts. 

Democrats Are Tired Of The Clintons, But The Clintons Are Still Going On Tour

Recently, the Clintons’ promoter announced the pair would begin touring select cities next month. Mercifully for Democrats, it will begin after the midterm elections. 

Yes, Really: Thomas The Train Is Chugging Out United Nations-Themed Episodes

No more simple, child-like fun for Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends. Now they are tugging a political agenda to the pre-K set.

The Constitution Is The Fulfillment Of The Declaration Of Independence

Independence Day remains the American holiday. The document and event are indelible. It is also important to remember its less celebrated, but even more important, successor.

NFL Kneelers’ Biggest Problem Is That We’re All Bored With Their Protest

The Left is inherently inclined to self-indulgent subjectivity that often alienates the majority they need to win over.

What It Means That The Right Is Animated By Principle And The Left By Power

The basic stance of the Right and Left determines their government’s approach to the economy and the individual.

When Half The Country Wants More Government And Half Wants Less, No Wonder Everyone Hates Congress

With America so divided, it is hardly surprising that Washington is. To paraphrase Shakespeare, America’s fault lines are not in our leaders, but in ourselves.

If Hillary Wins, She’ll Be Weaker Than Jimmy Carter Was

Just as in 1976, this year’s presidential winner will immediately look very weak in office.

Even If Hillary Wins, Democrats Are Due For An Electoral Reckoning

Democrats’ darkest secret has been that a Hillary Clinton defeat would be even worse for them than a Donald Trump defeat for Republicans.