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Facebook Promotes Videos Of Transgender Couple Pushing Their Newborn To Suck A Man’s Chest

"9 Months"

At one point, Petrona, the biological male who presents as a female in the relationship, tries to ‘breastfeed’ the baby and expresses bewilderment and disappointment when it doesn’t happen.


Facebook is airing and promoting a mini docuseries featuring a transgender couple who want to raise their child as “non-binary” and try to “breastfeed” the infant on a male chest.

In “9 Months with Courteney Cox” which opens with a “Facebook Watch original” label proudly displayed across the screen, the “Friends” star narrates what is supposed to be parents’ journey through infertility, pregnancy, loss, birth, and raising a family. But as the episodes go on, it’s clear that the show also carries a charged agenda at the heart of many cultural debates today.

Season three of the show, which first made its debut on the big-tech platform more than two years ago, features a transgender couple that became naturally pregnant unexpectedly. Ahanu, a female identifying as a male, and her partner Petrona, a male identifying as a female, were caught off guard by the news because they both were using hormone replacement therapy.

As the episodes go on, Cox claims the couple “faces discrimination” at the doctor’s office because someone wrongly assumed each partner’s sex.

“They didn’t even speak to me,” Ahanu said.

I just felt like they just made assumptions, making an assumption from the very beginning without even asking our names, not asking the thing about us,” Petrona added. 

Leading up to the home birth the couple opted for to prevent further medical “discrimination” and “trauma,” the show also documented the couple’s struggle to “claiming my truth” and choosing who in their families will respect their wishes to raise a non-binary child.

“The gender binary was very violent, and growing up I had a gender assigned to me and it caused me a lot of unnecessary trauma,” Ahanu quipped. “…It’s very lonely and isolating. Like I know [my parents] could do more.”

Petrona also expressed reluctance that his family would choose to ignore the baby’s sex because “their minds are filled with Christian supremacy.”

“They’re stuck. There’s no escape. They’re trapped and to me, that’s really sad,” he said while masquerading as a woman in front of the entire world.I do not know if anybody other than my mother knows that we’re expecting a baby. It’s really sad because they’re missing out.”

The couple eventually demands one of their family members stop calling the baby “it” and use “they or them” pronouns. They also express outrage and disappointment when The DC Department of Health’s Vital Records refuses to accept any other sex designation besides “male” or “female” for the baby’s birth certificate.

“I’m very uncomfortable with [labeling sex on a birth certificate],” Petrona said.”There’s no medical benefits to knowing anything about a baby’s genitals. It is really unfortunate that that’s where the medical system is…all we are trying to do is let our baby tell us who they are.”

Eventually, Ahanu births the baby as Petrona looks on. “They’re so beautiful,” Petrona states, holding the newborn child.

At one point, Petrona, the biological male who presents as a female in the relationship, tries to “breastfeed” the baby and expresses bewilderment and disappointment when it doesn’t happen.

“The baby has been able to latch, but I’ve not been able to produce any milk,” Petrona says to the camera after he receives a series of treatments meant to stimulate male lactation in an episode titled “Trans Lactation Is Possible.” 

“Being able to even be a part of a process where I’m trying to create milk and my body, it makes me feel very excited. I’m this baby’s mother, so by doing this it’s helping me feel really connected to the pregnancy,” the male said.

Facebook did not respond to The Federalist’s request for comment.