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Antifa Violently Attacked Christian Protesters In Broad Daylight While Uninterested Media Looked For More QAnon

antifa fighters

NBC and WaPo were very concerned about alleged members of QAnon but somehow failed to capture the true essence of what the demonstration was like.


It looks like the controversy over a male who identifies as transgender using the female facilities in a Los Angeles spa late last month may have been rooted in a hoax. But there’s still a very big problem here: namely, the news reports about the protest in front of the spa whitewashing all of the shocking violence perpetrated by Antifa mobs.

Ian Miles Cheong, a popular user on Twitter, posted a couple of videos on June 26 wherein the woman recording inside Wi Spa is telling the front desk that a man disrobed in front of her and others on the women’s side of the establishment. Another woman appears to be asking for her money back over the same issue, though there are reports that police who have since investigated haven’t turned up any evidence that a trans person was actually at the spa that day.

After the video went viral, a protest gathered outside the spa, including a few people with Christian signs and shirts that said, “Obey Jesus,” “Jesus saves,” and “Soldier of the cross.” Then there were several more “anti-fascists,” aka Antifa, unmistakably dressed in their usual all-black and face coverings.

The demonstrations turned violent and, as is always the case, the most and worst of it came from the Antifa people.

Yet here’s how NBC covered it: “A few far-right protesters appeared to be outnumbered by those favoring transgender rights.”

The obvious subtext is that the “far-right” people, who we’re currently told by those in power in Washington are the biggest threat to national security, were on-site to agitate the more inclusive people “favoring transgender rights.”

NBC’s report was also sure to note that “Some of the protesters … included apparent QAnon supporters.”

Ah, yes. Those ever-present QAnon fans who seem to only exist on cable news, or wherever the media say they do.

The Washington Post was likewise eager to note that at the protest was a man “wearing an American flag bandanna” (subtext: a scary hick) who was seen “pulling a gun out of a backpack,” as well as “a plaid shirt hitting a filmmaker in the back of the head with what appears to be a pipe.” The Post said both men “were with the group that said it was rallying for women’s and children’s rights.” (It’s actually unclear that the man had a gun, but even if he did, he had it concealed as he was surrounded by an Antifa mob.)

Interesting. Both NBC and the Post were very concerned about all of that but somehow failed to capture the true essence of what the protest was like, which, as fate would have it, is all on video for anyone who wants to know.

In one widely circulated clip, three protesters wearing Christian-themed attire are encircled by members of Antifa, who start telling them to leave. A projectile flies at the Christian protesters, and one of them, a man, is shoved by an Antifa demonstrator. As the three of them turn to walk away, another Antifa person runs up and punches one of them in the back and retreats to the mob.

Later in the same clip, a man, again in clothing with Christian messaging, is seen on the ground with a group of Antifa surrounding him. He tries to gather his things and is repeatedly shoved. When he finally gets up, his face bruised, one of his associates tries to keep the mob at bay, but an Antifa member punches him square in the face. That man falls to the ground.

In a more extended video, one of the Christian members pushes an Antifa member who was hovering behind his associate. The response is yet more Antifa fighters who mob him, with one of them striking him across the back of his skull with a skateboard. The man continues to try walking away and fortunately finds a police officer to keep the crowd at bay.

An Antifa member yells out to the cop, “F-ck you for protecting this piece of sh-t.”

These are the folks on-site who, according to NBC, were simply “favoring transgender rights.”

QAnon? They’re everywhere and very, very violent.

Antifa? Who? Nah, those were just transgender advocates.

The media’s gaslighting over Antifa continues.