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CNN’s John Avlon Is Extremely Worried Because Some Places Got Very Warm In June

It got really sweaty in June, folks. Bet you wish you hadn’t laughed at Al Gore now, huh?


The brilliant thing about climate change alarmists is that no matter what happens with the weather, it proves them right.

Sudden thunderstorm? Climate change.

Late seasonal snow? Definitely climate change.

Early seasonal snow? Obviously climate change.

It’s the start of July and it’s gotten very hot in some places. That’s the devastating effect of man-driven climate change!

CNN’s John Avlon did one of his precious “reality check” segments on Wednesday that perfectly captured the “heads, I win, tails, you lose” scheme. Noting the record-breaking temperatures caused by heatwaves in the northeast and northwest, Avlon declared in his best anchorman voice, “This could be the summer when climate change denial finally goes the way of the Dodo.”

It got really sweaty in June, folks. Bet you wish you hadn’t laughed at Al Gore now, huh?

“This is a wakeup call,” said Avlon, throwing in that cliche among leftists that this is all about “the science.” The segment ended with a call for Congress to spend more money on climate change projects. That usually means spending billions on Democrats’ obsession with solar panels and windmills then using whatever pennies are left over on repairing existing infrastructure that works well but was naturally worn by the elements.

It’s true that Oregon, Washington state, and pretty much everywhere from Washington, D.C., up through New York experienced an oppressively hot few days recently. There were in fact record-breaking, triple-digit temperatures in several cities.

But what does “the science” say? The matter at hand is unfortunately out of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s wheelhouse, but the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) seems like a reputable source. They said this is more or less what they predicted would happen at the very start of June due to some severe draughts around the country.

Alarmist: Aha! But draughts are exacerbated by man-driven climate change!

Okay, but the NOAA also predicted that a rainy late spring in other areas would bring “a cooler-than-average month … for Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, and southern Mississippi.” While the areas experiencing drought ended up with higher than normal temperatures, the areas where it was wetter have had lower than average temperatures, including Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas.

It would be alarming if Portland and Seattle were experiencing 110-degree days in the middle of January. But in the middle of the summer? It has Avlon making a very concerned face at the camera.

If higher than average temperatures in one place matter, don’t lower than average ones matter elsewhere? I don’t know, Avlon didn’t bring that up in his very serious check with reality.