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Scott Walker: Safeguarding Free Speech Starts On Campus

The fight to preserve free speech and protect Americans’ rights to dissent in corporate American and beyond starts at our universities.


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, former Wisconsin Governor and President of Young America’s Foundation Scott Walker joins Western Correspondent Tristan Justice to discuss the new Campus Free Speech Caucus in the House of Representatives and why there is a need for students to address free speech issues on their campuses.

“This is something arguably anyone Democrat or Republican alike should be for,” Walker said. “Once upon a time, it was not a partisan issue to believe in free speech.”

The fight to preserve free speech and protect Americans’ rights to dissent, Walker said, starts on college campuses.

“When you think about it in context of what colleges and universities are supposed to be about, that’s the place where it used to be the most revered. Free speech should be the most heavily practiced on our college campuses and yet they’re the most at risk these days so we’ve got to counter that,” Walker said.

Walker noted that the free speech caucus “isn’t going to take the place of the Constitution,” but that, “we can put in policies and guidelines to make sure that free speech is not only held up in theory, but also in practice.”

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