New Mexico Gov. Defends ‘QAnon Lizard People’ Comment Because She Said It Nicely

New Mexico Gov. Defends ‘QAnon Lizard People’ Comment Because She Said It Nicely

New Mexico Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham doubled down on her comments calling protestors “QAnon Lizard People” Monday during a campaign launch event at the start of the month.

Outside the Albuquerque Museum’s outdoor amphitheater, Grisham was drowned out by protestors when she announced her pursuit for a second term in early June.

“I know it’s going to be loud, and I just have to say I’m sorry that we picked the same location that the QAnon lizard people meeting was at,” Grisham said.


“In spite of that,” she continued, “I’m running for re-election for another four years.”

Grisham defended the remark this week in a one-on-one interview with KOB 4, a local Albuquerque outlet.

“I don’t [regret calling constituents QAnon lizard people] because I didn’t say it in a mean way,” Grisham said. “I wanted to make a lighthearted moment about a conspiracy theorist. I didn’t call a person a name, nobody got arrested.”

The off-color remark came on the heels of a series of scandals to plague the New Mexico governor as she runs for re-election next year.

Scandals range from potentially illegal issues of transparency within state agencies at her direction to upwards of $6,500 in groceries delivered to her residence out of a state fund while the governor’s subjects were forced to wait in lines at capacity-limited stores under lockdown orders.

Last year, Grisham also became the face of lockdown hypocrisy when she reportedly opened up a jewelry shop shut down under her own rules to purchase expensive jewels, according to a local Albuquerque outlet.

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