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Gavin Newsom Lifts Mask Mandate For Vaccinated Adults But Not For Vaccinated K-12 Students

California mask

California will update its mask guidance for vaccinated adults, but children in the state’s K-12 schools must still wear masks regardless of vaccine status.


California will update its mask guidance for fully vaccinated adults next week, but children in the state’s K-12 schools will still be told to wear a face-covering regardless of vaccine status.

“15% of our population remains without the option for vaccination (children under 12 years old are not yet eligible) and risk for COVID-19 exposure and infection will remain until we reach full community immunity,” the guidance reads.

The new guidance removes the mask mandate from public locations, with some exceptions such as public transit, various youth settings, health care facilities, childcare facilities, and K-12 schools.

It is unclear what science the state’s guidance is following, as children are among the lowest at-risk population. U.S. children represent 13 percent of all coronavirus cases, and so far, fewer than 300 children and teenagers have died of COVID-19 in the U.S. total. On average, more children die in the U.S. each year by drowning.

“Additionally, masks are required for unvaccinated individuals in indoor public settings and businesses (examples: retail, restaurants, theaters, family entertainment centers, meetings, state and local government offices serving the public),” the guidance states.

Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom said in a May interview, “We’re not wearing face coverings. We’re not restricted in any way, shape or form from doing the old things that we used to do, save for huge, large-scale indoor convention events like that, where we use our common sense.”

Yet, schools are still being told to implement face-coverings for Americans who are highly unlikely to first contract the disease or die from it.

The petition to recall Newsom has reached over 1.6 million signatures and county officials will report withdrawn signatures by June 22. After a 30-day period in which election officials will determine the budget, a date will be set for the election likely in the fall.