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Abigail Shrier: Biden’s ‘Horrifying’ Equality Act Would Put Biological Males In All-Female Prisons

Equality Act segment

The Equality Act is “right now in the Senate, and really for the safety and bodily integrity of these women, it really should be stopped,” Shrier said.


Biological males who identify as female could be allowed in all-women prisons across the nation if the Equality Act is passed and signed by President Joe Biden’s Democrat administration, “no hormones or surgery required.”

After talking to women already affected by California’s radical gender law, which is at risk of becoming national, Abigail Shrier, a journalist and author of “Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters,” told The Federalist’s Ben Domenech on Fox News “Primetime” Monday evening that “these women are terrified.” 

“They are housed eight to a cell. Their guards do not even have guns, they walk around with batons and pepper sprays because women are less violent, and men are already transferring in,” Shrier said. “There is no requirement. All that a violent male felon need do is self-identify as a woman and he is entitled in the state of California to petition to transfer in.”

“It’s astounding to me how you can have this kind of delusion about the differences between people, then actually form a policy that can put women at serious risk,” Domenech added. “What can be done to push back against this? I mean this, this seems to be, you know, absolutely terrible in terms of what these women could be experiencing in very short order.”

The answer, Shrier said, is to prevent the Democrats’ Equality Act from passing Congress.

“Remember that this would violate the Geneva Convention if it were done to prisoners of war. It’s horrifying, and it’s about to become federal law. If the Equality Act passes, it will become federal law in all 50 states,” Shrier said. “Joe Biden has already indicated he would sign this bill into law. It’s right now in the Senate, and really for the safety and bodily integrity of these women, it really should be stopped.”

Even though taking a stand against allowing transgender people to enter spaces different from their biological sex is controversial, Shrier said that women in multiple states such as Gov. Kristi Noem’s South Dakota are already at risk and need to be protected.

“I’m worried that we’re running out of time. And the reason is, right now, in states that allow you to change your birth certificate, and we’re already seeing this, we’re going to lose track of the men who go into women’s prison,” Shrier explained. “They won’t need to transfer in from men’s prisons anymore. They’ll go straight into women, they will be recorded as women, and their violence against women will be recorded as women on women violence. And remember, the thing to remember is that over half of men who are transgender are heterosexual.”