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CIA Head Writes Memo Celebrating Chauvin Guilty Verdict, Pledges To Address ‘Trauma Of Racism’

In the memo obtained by The Federalist, Burns celebrated the guilty verdict as “one step forward” and encouraged the agency prioritize “accountability.”


Central Intelligence Agency Director William Burns sent an internal memo to agency staff praising the jury in former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin’s trial and sharing his willingness to indulge the whims of the “racial justice” movement.

In the memo obtained by The Federalist, Burns celebrated the guilty verdict as “one step forward” and encouraged the intelligence agency to continue prioritizing “accountability.” Burns also pledged to continue “addressing the broader trauma of racism and persistent inequity in our nation” by prioritizing “progress on diversity, equity, and inclusion”

The CIA is prohibited from becoming involved in domestic law enforcement affairs but did not respond to The Federalist’s request for comment about the legality of the memo.

The CIA, like many other federal agencies, is becoming increasingly focused on social justice issues and willing to cater to a race-based narrative. In a recent recruitment advertisement, the intelligence agency embraced leftist rhetoric describing race and sex as pros to working in intelligence.

“I am unapologetically me,” the officer in the video states.I want you to be unapologetically you whoever you are. Know your worth. Command your space.”

Former Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell blasted Burns for politicizing the U.S. intelligence community and said he should resign if he truly believes his own woke rhetoric.

“Our CIA agents are not racist or intolerant,” Grenell told The Federalist. “This stunt clearly signals Bill Burns is politicizing the Agency … If he really thinks the CIA tolerates race trauma and ‘persistent inequity’ then he, as a straight white male, must resign immediately to make way for a CIA Director that is a gay person of color. Everything else is just talk for Bill.”

Another former senior intel official also criticized Burns for using the agency to meddle in domestic politics rather than protecting the country from serious foreign threats.

“What is the head of our spy agency doing commenting on domestic law enforcement matters?” the former intelligence official asked. “It is the height of politicization of the intelligence community by the Biden admin.”

“Instead of focusing on intel collections against our enemies, Russia and China, they are busy e-mailing the entire CIA about verdicts in the criminal justice system,” he added.

U.S. intelligence agencies, including the CIA, have a history of botching operations and failed to enact preventative measures to protect the U.S. The FBI infamously launched a political spy mission against then-Trump campaign staffer Carter Page based on the disproven Steele Dossier and through an erroneous warrant, gave Democrats and the corporate media the ammunition they needed to push the Russian collusion hoax for years.

Intelligence agencies also failed to act on information gathered ahead of 9/11 and the rise of ISIS as well as with domestic shootings such as the 2009 Fort Hood shooter, the Boston Marathon bombers of 2013, the Pulse nightclub shooter, the Parkland, Florida school shooter, the 2018 Nashville, Tennessee Waffle House shooter, and the 2020 Nashville RV bomber.

While intelligence agencies fail to protect our country, Biden’s White House is exploring new ways to surveil citizens, including hiring private companies to monitor and surveil “extremist chatter” by Americans to prevent further “insurrections.”