Domenech: What Every American Can Do To Help Resolve The American Crisis

Domenech: What Every American Can Do To Help Resolve The American Crisis

Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech asked viewers a core question to close out his week of guest-hosting Fox News “Primetime” Friday: “If we love our country and we believe it is facing a crisis, how do we go about saving it?” He said he believes the answer is “not easy, but it is simple.”

“We do not take kindly to people who wish to rule us, and we do not accept their subjugation easily. If you are an American, your heritage is one of throwing off the burdens of a faraway ruling elite that seeks to direct your life and accepting the responsibility to govern yourself in community with your neighbors,” he said.

America’s current ruling class, which guest John McWhorter calls “the Elect,” wants to use tools like the America-hatred of “antiracism” to subjugate Americans for their own gain. Domenech urged viewers to consider what they can do in their daily lives to push back against the ruling class’s desire to end an America that secures their rights in favor of an unrecognizable America in which the ruling class exploits everyone else.

“Seek out others to fight against them simply by not accepting their frame of the nature of our country or of your life,” he suggested. “Rearrange your finances to fund competing institutions to those the Elect have corrupted. Put your kids in schools that reflect your deepest values, and primary politicians who won’t work for you and aren’t up for this fight.”

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