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‘Princess Bride’ Filmmaker Rob Reiner Says Republicans ‘Stand For Nothing Except White Nationalism’


Hollywood filmmaker Rob Reiner sounded off on Republicans in a slew of tweets, claiming half the country are “White Nationalists.”


Veteran leftist actor and filmmaker Rob Reiner, director and producer of “The Princess Bride” and “When Harry Met Sally,” lambasted all Republicans as “secessionists” who “stand for nothing except White Nationalism,” in a tweet sent Tuesday.

“They stand for nothing except White Nationalism. They refuse to govern. We continue to fight the Civil War. Democrats will have to use all their power to hold our Country together,” he wrote.

The Hollywood elitist did not clarify his rationale for claiming half the country is racist, although his Twitter points to his support of the ill-substantiated conspiracy that Fox News host Tucker Carlson supports “great replacement theory.” Federalist Senior Contributor Jonathan S. Tobin debunked that narrative.

In addition to his tweet Tuesday morning, Reiner followed up on Wednesday saying, “The only way Republicans can maintain White Supremacy is through voter suppression,” presumably referencing the Georgia election bill and others moving through state legislatures that mandate voter identification.

“With every major corporation coming out against them, seems like they’re taking out their AK-15s and shooting themselves in the feet,” he said of conservatives concerned about election security.

In announcing his support for Joe Biden for President, Reiner notably claimed in 2019 that the then-candidate would “restore our soul,” displaying a confusing view that government even has the power to do anything of the like. Reiner is in the cohort of Hollywood elites that are urging Americans to support H.R. 1, the “For The People Act.” The legislation would let Americans vote for up to two weeks after election day, eliminate voter ID laws, and allow illegal migrants to vote.