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Domenech: Left Using Corporations To Push Laws Voters And Fans Don’t Support Is Hurting The Country

Ben Domenech, corporations

‘It wasn’t coming from the fans. It was coming from people who want to use corporations to achieve culture war victories that they can’t do via government or the courts,’ Domenech said.


The corporate media’s “propagandist push” to involve corporations in the partisan battle over Georgia’s recent election law is damaging the country, said Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech on Fox News on Sunday.

“These corporations are now wading into increasingly partisan political battles and using the authority that they have to try to affect policy in response to the requests that they receive, both from the leftist mob that you mentioned, but also from members of the media,” Domenech noted.

One of the most disturbing parts about corporations’ attempts to insert themselves into partisan politics in Georgia was that they caved to pressure from leftist media and progressive activists.

“It wasn’t coming from the players. It wasn’t coming from the fans. It was coming from people who want to use corporations to achieve culture war victories that they can’t do via government or the courts,” Domenech said, noting that CNN’s Jake Tapper admitted this shortly after Major League Baseball spoke out against GOP lawmakers in Georgia.

While corporations have historically aligned with Republican politicians who prioritize profit, Domenech said many Republican-implemented policies opened the door for corporations to amass power that they could abuse.

“I think that this is a development that has been coming for quite some time….you can question whether [some policies] really are justified to, you know, help the economy or whether they’re actually corporate welfare,” he explained.

Not only does Domenech say it’s hypocritical for politicians including President Joe Biden to “demand these extracted reactions,” but it’s also deeply hypocritical coming from corporations that “do an enormous amount of business in China” and other countries that are” silent on various human rights abuses.”

“This is what we saw last year with the NBA and everything related to that, and I think that this is going to continue to be an element where corporations and the politicians who use who make these arguments are very hypocritical when it comes to hurting certain states going after their economies and going after the businesses there. And then, you know, just turning a blind eye, when it comes to other areas where they might have other interests,” Domenech said.

Confidence in elections, Domenech said, is something that people on both sides of the political aisle need but corporations’ political activism on behalf of Democrats’s false depictions of politics is hurting the country.

“This is the one way, the one space, that people across the red and blue divide can come together cheer on a team, regardless of race, regardless of class. And I think that this really is a dangerous road to go down for one of the few remaining unifying institutions of American life,” Domenech concluded.