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Chris Bedford: It’s A Little Weird How Biden Has Been Held Seemingly Captive In His Own White House

Chris Bedford

Chris Bedford said Wednesday it’s weird how Joe Biden has been hidden from the White House press pool given its glowing coverage of the president.


Federalist Senior Editor Christopher Bedford said Wednesday it’s weird how President Joe Biden has been hidden from the White House press pool given the corporate media’s glowing coverage of the administration that began long before Biden even took office.

The White House announced this week that Biden would be giving his first press conference on March 25, nine weeks into his presidency.

“These are people who largely put out the messaging for him, who, given the chance, ask him what kind of ice cream he likes or what it feels like to be president, or if he wants to talk about how bad he dislikes Donald Trump,” Bedford said on Fox News of the White House press pool. “Even when he’s tried to take questions at previous pressers and looked around and said, ‘Is now the time for questions?’ staff at the White House have cut the feed. It’s a little weird how he’s been kept seemingly captive in his own White House.”

Bedford went on to highlight the aggressive double standards employed by the White House press corps, which shouted questions at President Trump at every opportunity.

“If you drop this back to President Trump, who would take questions every time he went to the helicopter, who would have formal press conferences fairly frequently, they would still yell questions at him, holler at him when he was doing an Easter egg roll or maybe a trick-or-treating event at the White House with children,” Bedford said. “Now that pressure is long gone.”

Bedford also railed against the Washington Post issuing a correction this week to a major story that accused Trump of a crime based on anonymous sources with fabricated quotes, which was apparently “confirmed” by other outlets.

“It was absolutely shocking, and what’s even worse than what the Washington Post did is how NBC and other stations as well as USA Today claimed to have independently confirmed the Washington Post story,” Bedford said. “Frequently, we saw this with the Belleau Wood Atlantic story that said that President Trump attacked the honored war dead. We see what is actually repetition pretending to be confirmation. If you talk to the exact same anonymous source who feeds you the exact same garbage, that is not actually confirming anything, but this echo chamber exists and it’s dangerous.”