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Ben Domenech Breaks Down The Math On What Wins Elections With David Shor

Ballot Box

Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech hosted political data scientist David Shor on his new Fox News podcast published Monday.


Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech hosted progressive political data scientist and Senior Fellow at The Center for The American Progress Action Fund David Shor on his new Fox News podcast published Monday to break down the math on winning elections, and why President Donald Trump was good for the Republican Party.

“Elections are a lot closer than they used to be,” Shor says. “It used to be that there were really big blow outs one way or another.”

Polarization however, particularly among the educated elite, have made such elections far more rare.

Looking ahead to 2022, Shor said, Republicans have a lot to be optimistic about considering Trump’s expansion of the base combined with the “historical gravity” where the party in the White House fairs poorly in the new president’s first midterms.

“Midterms are usually pretty predictable,” Shor said, citing the common gains of the opposition party. “That means that going into this, Democrats are in a pretty bad position. If we just do business as usual, then we’re going to lose an enormous number of House seats, and a couple of Senate seats.”

Listen to the full podcast here.