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Domenech: Biden Administration Incentivizing Open Borders Run By Mexican Drug Cartels

Ben Domenech

‘How quickly we go back to ‘compassionate human holding facilities” as a term for what were called ‘cages’ and ‘human rights violations’ when Donald Trump did it.


On Fox News Special Report with Bret Baier Wednesday night, Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech discussed the Biden administration’s immigration changes, harping on the double standard with the left saying illegal immigrants are in “compassionate human holding facilities” at the border, whereas President Trump’s similar practice elicited the term “cages.”

“Every administration has taken children who are brought to the border, who are disconnected from their family, and they have held them in place in order to figure out legally where they are supposed to go, where they are supposed to be placed,” Domenech said. “That’s something that’s happened under every administration and yet, under Donald Trump, it became a human rights violation, as you heard Kamala Harris saying. How quickly we go back to ‘compassionate human holding facilities.'”

Domenech also noted the Biden administration’s incentivizing of migrants to cross the border via coyotes and cartels, due to his advertised soft stance on immigration.

“As the Biden administration approaches the border, they’re only going to incentivize a lot of these Central American families, migrant families, that are going to try to come north. This is a situation that is exploited time and time again by coyotes, by cartels, along the border, using these kids in order to get people access to America,” Domenech continued. “This creates a huge problem that is only going to grow in the time of COVID, and is going to be completely a threat, I think, in terms of what it brings to the border.”

The Federalist Publisher concluded by alluding to Biden’s ill-defined strategy for opening borders. “I feel like this administration is walking into a real problem here without a clear plan of action on how to deal with these things. It’s fine to have slogans when you’re running for office, but once you actually get in that job, you have to have solutions. And I’m not confident that they do in this area,” Domenech said.