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Domenech: Teachers Unions Holding Our Kids Hostage For Political Ransom Is ‘Insanity’

Ben Domenech

Ben Domenech said parents should be outraged at the schools that remained closed after anti-science demands from teachers unions that refuse to provide in-classroom learning.


The Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech said parents and others should be outraged at the educational institutions that remained closed after anti-science demands from teachers unions that refuse to provide in-classroom learning.

“My daughter is far too young to be going to a public educational institution, but if she was old enough, I would be tearing my hair out at the insanity of the approach that has been used here,” Domenech said on Fox News’ “Special Report” Wednesday evening.

Domenech noted that while the vaccine rollout and prioritization differ state by state and are susceptible to criticism, science and data suggest school districts should still make every effort to reopen as soon as possible for the academic advancement and well-being of students.

“We know from evidence around the world, as Mara said, that this can be done safely, it can be done responsibly, and it can get us back to normal, not just in terms of our living experiences but in terms of the economy as well,” Domenech continued. “That can be done. It is very much possible.”

Domenech said teachers unions, by failing to acknowledge the scientific consensus and by pushing to keep learning remote, are holding their communities hostage for political and financial gain.

“Instead, we have these teachers unions who completely politicize this scenario, essentially demanding ransom dollars to get more and more money thrown their way in order to reopen and to establish normalcy again,” Domenech added. “I just can’t imagine a worse example of the kind of way that these schools need to be able to serve their communities.”

Schools across the United States, especially in Democratic hubs, are still closed nearly a year after they were first shut down due to COVID-19. While some districts chose to reopen after an alarming decline in students’ mental health and an uptick in suicides during the pandemic, others, such as in Chicago, are still fighting with teachers unions who refuse to return to the classroom until all items are met on their growing list of demands.