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Rand Paul: I’m Not Going To Listen To Comey, He Should Be In Prison

Rand Paul

“When we start taking advice from Comey, a notorious liar, a guy who ruined the FBI … we’re taking the wrong advice,” Sen. Rand Paul said.


Republican Sen. Rand Paul said he will not take advice about the future of the Republican Party from former FBI Director and Russian collusion hoaxer James Comey because the senator thinks he should be imprisoned.

On Wednesday, Fox News’s Bill Hemmer asked Paul to reflect on a quote in the Guardian from Comey saying that “the Republican Party needs to be burned down or changed” and that the supporters of Donald Trump need to be separated from “those people who want to build a responsible conservative party.”

The senator from Kentucky was quick to reply, saying he doesn’t trust Comey because of his previous political and deceptive actions targeting the outgoing president.

“When we start taking advice from Comey, a notorious liar, a guy who ruined the FBI, a guy who used the enormous power of government to go after his political opponent, Donald Trump, I think when we started taking his advice, we’re taking the wrong advice,” Paul said.

Paul continued, saying Comey should have to pay for his crimes.

“And so I don’t plan on listening to anything from Comey,” Paul said. “In fact, I think Comey should be imprisoned for the things that he did.”

Comey was one of the many bureaucrats who oversaw and botched the failed Russian collusion investigation. Despite his key role in the FBI during the illegally obtained warrants and surveillance of the 2016 Trump campaign, Comey claimed before the Senate that he should not be held responsible for the factual errors in FISA applications. Comey continually feigned his innocence during questioning before the Senate Judiciary Committee in October.