Davis: Big Tech Only Cares About Stopping Dissent, Not Violence

Davis: Big Tech Only Cares About Stopping Dissent, Not Violence

Federalist Co-Founder Sean Davis said that despite big tech’s insistence that its recent crackdown was due to an increase in violence, the Silicon Valley giants only care about stopping dissent.

“We have found, especially over the last year, a massive double standard from the left and from big tech,” Davis said. “Recall all of the BLM and Antifa riots. Recall all of the corporate support we saw for that. Recall all of the members of Congress we even had saying, ‘You know what, protest isn’t supposed to be comfortable.’ You had Vox, a left-wing website saying ‘violence works.’ You had the Atlantic justifying and rationalizing it.”

“What is happening now isn’t a crackdown on so-called violent speech,” Davis continued. “It’s a crackdown on anyone who the left and its big tech masters doesn’t want to be heard.”

One of the biggest red flags in big tech’s attempts to silence political dissenters and conservatives, Davis said, is that other countries are warning against it.

“I think whenever you have Germany looking in and saying, ‘Hey, maybe the speech controls you put are on a bit much,’ you should probably back off,” Davis said. “There was also a Russian dissident who I believe was the victim of a near-assassination plot by Putin who came in and said, ‘You know what, I get death threats on Twitter all the time. They never do anything about it.’”

Davis also noted that Twitter selectively holds people accountable for so-called violations of its terms of service, another indicator that this censorship campaign is political.

“For Twitter and Facebook and Apple and Amazon to come in here and pretend that’s what is really bothering them, when we know they haven’t been cracking down on anyone on the left, we know it’s a lie. We know what they’re doing. They know we know what they are doing. And the question is now what are we going to do to stop them from doing it?” Davis asked. “It has nothing to do with anything but politics and ideology.”

“Recall just a couple of days ago Twitter allowed to trend the phrase and hashtag ‘hang Mike Pence.’ Now, is a company that is worried about political violence and about death threats, are they going to take that down or are they going to leave it up? Well, Twitter left it up, which tells us every single thing we need to know about what that company’s aims are,” Davis said.

Jordan Davidson is a staff writer at The Federalist. She graduated from Baylor University where she majored in political science and minored in journalism.
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