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Make America Beautiful Again: The Truth Behind The Executive Order You Might Have Missed

James McCrery and Justin Shubow join Christopher Bedford to break down Trump’s recent executive order promoting ‘classical and traditional architecture.’


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Director of Classical Architecture at Catholic University James McCrery and President of the National Civic Art Society Justin Shubow join Senior Editor Christopher Bedford to break down President Donald Trump’s recent executive order promoting “classical and traditional architecture” in Washington, D.C.

“There is a requirement that federal buildings be beautiful, that they command the admiration of the American people, and that there should be a particular regard for classical and traditional architecture,” Shubow explained.

“That’s the kind of architecture that is truly called civic and that a great civilization like ours needs and demands,” McCrery added. “And we don’t get it.”

The order, however, is not without controversy.

“It has trumped up this big controversy … but even thousands of traditional and classical architects are proof that that’s simply not the case,” McCrery said. “The traditional and classical architecture is very much of our time and is very much alive and well in schools of architecture.”

“It is not architecture for architecture’s sake,” McCrery added. “It is architecture for the people and ultimately for our society.”