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Hollywood Had A Bad Year

Between the death of movie theaters and accelerated streaming options, will Hollywood be able to make a comeback in 2021?


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Host Ben Domenech and Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss her recent article “With A Bleak Awards Season Looming, Hollywood Enters 2021 Changed Forever” and why award shows, movies theaters, and TV are all changing.

“The award show season is dead this year, but the spin is going to be ‘this is just a one-off. Everything’s going to come back. That’s going to be the way it was. Everybody’s gonna love it there’s gonna be a ton of successful blockbusters in the coming year, etc.’ I’m more skeptical about that,” Domenech said.

“Back in the day, you read the announcement and everything like that it was only the fact that they were TV events that got eyeballs, that made them these valuable properties. And I think that might be difficult to achieve now,” he added.

I’m extremely skeptical that I can make a comeback,” Jashinsky agreed.

In addition to the declining awards show appeals, Jashinsky and Domenech said that streaming options and other digital trends have “accelerated” and created cheaper, easier options for consumers to use to engage content.

“When we have these incredibly nice televisions that are cheaper than ever put in our own homes with my sound systems, the concept of going to a movie is going to have to change,” Jashinsky said. 

“Essentially, what you’ve done is you’ve seen a level of progress on 4k and on 70 inch TVs, where a middle-class American family can have a small theater experience in their home,” Domenech said. “And that renders all of the going to see movies in those small places moot and not desirable, especially when you just spend $10,000 on popcorn.”

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