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Dr. Larry Arnn On The Founding Of America And The Meaning Of 1620

Hillsdale College President Dr. Larry Arnn joins the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss the American struggle for a free, equal nation for all.


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Dr. Larry Arnn, president of Hillsdale College, joins Political Editor John Daniel Davidson to discuss how the principles established during the founding of America and the Pilgrims’ arrival on the Mayflower in 1620 should be valued today.

“If you think of the unfolding of America, it’s all implicit in that set of arrangements,” Arnn explained. “The doctrine of equality is not in there, except implicitly, but powerfully implicitly, because they all have to sign it.”

The attempted erasure of these principles by movements such as the New York Times’ “1619 Project,” Arrn said, reinforces the value of them as well as Americans’ struggle for a free, equal nation for all.

“Our history has always been a struggle towards [equality] and we have long periods where we give up on this thing and try to do something easier. That’s where the tragedies come,” Arnn said. “And the contemporary tragedy is, now we’re gonna pick them by color, and advance some and, and debase others, to make it up for the wrongs done in the past. And we lose our individuality in that.”

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