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ABC’s George Stephanopoulos Directs Viewers To Democratic Fundraising Page

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos promoted an upcoming ‘VEEP’ roundtable reading intended to fundraise for Democrats in Georgia election runoffs.


ABC’s George Stephanopoulos promoted an upcoming “VEEP” roundtable reading to benefit progressives in Georgia runoffs and ended his “Good Morning America” segment by urging viewers to visit a fundraising page to elect Democratic senators.

During the Friday interview with actress Julia Louis-Drefus, the star of HBO’s “VEEP” who also hosted one night of the DNC in August, ABC News shored up support for a 501(c)(4) group advertised as a “coordination hub of the progressive community.”

“All of you at home can get tickets for ‘VEEP’ live virtual round table reading happening Sunday. Go to,” Stephanopoulos finished. takes users directly to a page operated by Democratic fundraising machine ActBlue for taking donations.

While unethical for a self-proclaimed objective journalist, it should come as little surprise given Stephanopoulos was the same reporter who moderated an entire town hall with former Vice President Joe Biden in October as the New York Post dropped major bombshells expanding the public scope of Biden family corruption without a single question on the topic.