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Breaking News Alert This Trans Athlete Has Beaten Girls 700 Times Thanks To Democrat Policies

Rules For Thee But Not For Me: A Rundown Of Lockdown Leftists Ignoring Their Own Rules


Your Political Leaders Hate You And Think You’re Stupid,” headlined an article by Federalist Political Editor John Davidson this week highlighting the hypocrisy plaguing this year’s liberal lockdowns. That about sums it up.

For months left-wing liberals have fined, shamed, and arrested, all who dared reject their tyrannical orders closing churches and schools in the name of public health over a virus with a 99.98 percent survival rate while defying their own edicts. Many, including liberal beltway reporters masquerading as journalists, even excused or participated in massive social justice protests after condemning Trump rallies as homicidal super-spreader events poised to erase any and all progress on viral mitigation.

“Two weeks to slow the spread” turned into “wait until there’s a vaccine,” which could have been a lifetime. Now American liberties have been forfeited to power-hungry elites reluctant to give it back.

In November, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito made rare public remarks calling pandemic restrictions “previously unimaginable” suspensions of constitutional liberty.

“We have never before seen restrictions as severe, extensive and prolonged as those experienced for most of 2020,” Alito said in a video address to the Federalist Society.

Yet nothing has peeled back just how deeply unserious restrictions largely at the expense of the poor have become than political leaders freely disregarding their own guidelines to enjoy the elite lifestyle. While millions of Americans suffered deep cuts to their paychecks this year, politicians haven’t.

Through the end of the pandemic, The Federalist will chronicle Democratic hypocrisy on pandemic lockdowns, exposing politicians’ reckless disregard for the very rules they have imposed on their subjects destroying the people’s psyche, livelihoods, and liberty.

Rhode Island Gov. Tells Residents To Stay Home, Caught Maskless At A Wine Bar

Rhode Island Democratic Gov. Gina Raimondo was caught maskless at a wine and paint night in Providence after telling residents to stay home.

“Please stay home except for essential activities & wear a mask anytime you’re with people you don’t live with,” Raimondo wrote in early December.

Austin Mayor Threatens Residents With Lockdown While Vacationing In Cabo

In November, Austin Mayor Steve Adler threatened residents with stricter lockdowns while vacationing in the resort town of Cabo San Lucas.

“We need to stay home if you can. This is not the time to relax. We are going to be looking really closely… We may have to close things down if we are not careful,” Adler warned residents in a Facebook video. On the previous day, Adler organized a 20-person wedding for his daughter at a downtown hotel, violating city recommendations urging residents not to gather in groups of more than 10 people ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.

“Obviously, there are infections that could happen, but I think all of us should be minimizing risks as best we can,” Adler told the Austin American Statesman, which broke the story in December.

Adler later apologized for living out a double standard after getting caught, calling his trip to Mexico a “lapse in judgement.”

“I want you to know that I regret that travel. I wouldn’t travel now,” Adler said. “I’m sorry I took that trip.”

California Bureaucrat Dines At Restaurant Hours After Voting To Ban Outdoor Dining

Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl enjoyed a meal at one of her favorite restaurants just hours after voting to ban outdoor dining in L.A. for three weeks, calling it “a most dangerous situation.”

“She loves Il Forno, has been saddened to see it, like so many restaurants, suffer from a decline in revenue,” a spokesperson told a local Fox affiliate.

If she were truly sad to see one of her favorite establishments struggle, then perhaps she shouldn’t have voted to kill it along with L.A. County’s 31,000 other restaurants. More than 100,000 have already closed their doors permanently this year nationwide.

California Emperor Gavin Newsom Flouts Restrictions To Dine In Luxury

California Gov. Gavin Newsom enjoyed a high-priced dinner at a three-star Michelin restaurant in the heart of Napa Valley’s wine country with a dozen other people after handing down rules that prohibit gatherings of more than three households just before Thanksgiving. Photos of the dinner party showed no masks, no distancing, and no outdoor dining, as Newsom’s rules required of the populace.

Newsom later admitted he made a mistake, then tightened lockdown restrictions.

While Waiting For Plane To Take Off, Denver Mayor Demands Residents Stay Home

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock boarded a flight to Houston on the way to visit his daughter in Mississippi while demanding residents to avoid travel on the day before Thanksgiving.

“Avoid travel if you can,” the mayor tweeted 30 minutes before departure.

Prior to takeoff, Hancock had also urged city staff to cancel their travel plans for the holiday.

“As the holidays approach, we all long to be with our families with person [sic], but with the continued rise in cases, I’m urging you to refrain from travel this Thanksgiving,” Hancock write in an email to employees.

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser Tightens Lockdown, Exempts Herself

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser ordered 14-day quarantines for residents after visiting “hot spot” areas including Delaware. Days later, the D.C. mayor took a trip to Joe Biden’s Wilmington victory rally to celebrate the Democrat’s win. Bowser’s explained that her trip to the political rally was “essential travel” and therefore not subject to her own rules.

Nancy Pelosi Visits Shut-Down Hair Salon Without a Mask

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi received a hair treatment at a shut-down salon in San Francisco. Security footage shows Pelosi trotting maskless through the salon while the city remained under a mask mandate.

Pelosi later called the hair appointment she arranged a “set up.”

“I take responsibility for trusting the word of the neighborhood salon that I’ve been to…many times…It was a setup, and I take responsibility for falling for a setup,” Pelosi said. “I think that this salon owes me an apology, for setting me up.”

The enraged salon owner who couldn’t prevent one of her employees renting a chair to provide the service pushed back on the House speaker’s accusation.

“There was no way I could’ve set that up,” said Erica Kious on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” “I’ve had a camera system in there for five years. I mean, I didn’t go in there and turn cameras on as soon as she walked in and set her up. So that is absolutely false.”

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Gets Caught Again, and Again

In late March, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot admonished residents wishing to open back up hair salons.

“Getting your roots done is not essential,” Lightfoot said.

Days later, Lightfoot pushed her way into a shut-down salon closed under the state governor’s lockdown order for a special treatment. When asked about the hypocrisy, an annoyed mayor claimed it was because she is important.

“I’m the public face of this city,” Lightfoot said. “I’m on national media, and I’m out in the public eye.”

Months later, Lightfoot posted triumphantly celebrating maskless in the streets screaming through a bull horn to ring in Biden’s victory.

Her excuse? “That crowd was gathered whether I was there or not.”

Philadelphia Mayor Shuts Down Dining, Then Dines In Maryland

In August, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney apologized after being spotted enjoying time at an indoor restaurant in Maryland after banning it in his own city.

New York Nursing Home Grim Reaper Goes Maskless In Georgia, Ignores Post-Quarantine Travel Mandate

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, made famous amid the pandemic for sticking COVID-stricken patients in nursing homes, killing more than 6,400, went to Georgia in July and was caught interacting with others in close quarters without a mask on.

At the time, Georgia was on New York’s travel advisory list. That means New Yorkers who visited the state were ordered to quarantine for 14 days upon returning. Cuomo refused, however, because he’s “essential.

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti Joins Protestors After Implementing Stay-Home Order

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti joined Black Lives Matter protestors in solidary on June 2, one day after issuing a stay-at-home order.

“I hear you. I hear what you are saying about the police,” Garcetti told protestors, according to Fox News.

Remember, the virus is woke sensitive.

New Mexico Governor Buys Jewelry From Shop She Shut Down

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham reportedly opened up a jewelry store in April to buy expensive jewels while shutting down “non-essential” businesses, according to a local news outlet in Albuquerque.

“We are in really tough financial times as a state. It mirrors the incredible, personal sacrifices that happen every single day because people have limited their ability to work, telecommuting and many people, in fact, have lost their jobs,” Grisham said.

Except for her, jewelry stores count as essential.

Bill de Blasio Blows Off New York Rules, Goes to the Gym

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio went to the gym in March as the state’s governor shut down all businesses deemed by emperor Cuomo as non-essential, including gyms. At the time, de Blasio’s city government had urged residents to stay home except for grocery shopping, medical services, and work if it required leaving the house.

“The mayor wanted to visit a place that keeps him grounded one last time,” a spokesperson told News 4 New York.