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Georgia Legislature Should Convene And Ban Mail-In Voting For Runoff Elections

Americans were denied the privilege of knowing who won the election on the same day that many voted due to a combination of delayed mail-in ballots, voter fraud, and other election violations popping up all around the country. While we await pending litigation in many key states, state legislators in Georgia have a unique opportunity to step in and assure swift and fair practices in critical runoff elections.

All eyes turn to the Georgia Senate seats where two Republican incumbents and their challengers will face off in January to decide if the GOP’s majority in the Senate will prevail.

The Senate Is At Stake

Democrats are quickly pouring more money and resources into the Peach State with the hopes that they could possibly unseat two Republican Senators and take control of the Senate.

Just days after the runoff elections became imminent and hours after the media projected former vice president Joe Biden as the winner of the presidential election, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer announced the Democrats’ intentions to reclaim the Senate by focusing on Georgia.

“Now we take Georgia, then we change the world,” Schumer said. “Now we take Georgia, then we change America.”

If successful in replacing both Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, Democrats will likely spend the next two years weaponizing the Senate to defund the police, pass the Green New Deal, raise taxes on working Americans, undo coronavirus economic recovery plans, strip protections for unborn babies, and other insane policies that at least half of the country disagrees with.

The risk posed by this threat against Perdue and Loeffler is high and, as I wrote in a previous piece, must be addressed by conservative leaders.

Georgia is ripe with Republican officials, who hold the state government in a GOP trifecta, with the ability to mitigate this risk by banning the use of mail-in ballots in the runoff election through a special convention in their state legislature.

Georgia’s Republican-controlled legislative body and Republican Gov. Brian Kemp not only have the ability to call a special session to discuss and pass legislation to address the issue, but also maintain a veto-proof supermajority in both the state House and state Senate if all of the GOP members vote to mandate only in-person voting for the runoff election.

Directing Georgians to vote in person for the runoff election will ensure that the results can be tallied in a timely and accurate way and prevent the administrative mistakes and fraud susceptibility that comes with mail-in ballots.

In-Person Voting Ensures Faster, More Accurate Results

Mail-in balloting was necessary for the Nov. 3 election, some argued, because of the pandemic. These fears peddled by the left and the media that millions of Americans might be risking contracting if they voted at the polls, however, were completely canceled out by multiple celebrations in city streets all around the nation on Saturday after the media called the presidential race for Biden.

While some wore masks, there was no social distancing and, counter to what many Democrat leaders have claimed about activities such as screaming or singing spreading droplets at a higher rate, thousands of people crowded together and shouted their love for Biden and his vice president nominee Kamala Harris for hours.

Now that many are acting as if pandemic is over, Georgians shouldn’t have a problem heading to a poll to cast their vote in-person, especially if it means the election results in such a close race will be projected accurately on the night of election day.

Banning mail-in balloting for the January runoff election will also ensure that voter fraud and other election violations will be limited and monitored more closely.

Election officials in Georgia have already publicly declared that, while there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud, there are individual cases of fraud in the state which can be decisive in a state with a razor-thin margin of votes between candidates.

The Trump Campaign, in conjunction with the Georgia Republican Party, filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against the Chatham County Board of Elections demanding that they “enforce Georgia election laws, secure lawful absentee ballots, and prevent the unlawful counting of ballots received after the election” after the organization’s Chairman David Shafer tweeted that workers in Fulton County prevented Republican poll observers from monitoring voting tabulation and ballot counting.

In Chatham, home to the city of Savannah, Shafer reported that observers “watched an unidentified woman mix over 50 ballots into a stack of uncounted absentee ballots” as well.

These kinds of preventable barriers stop oversight to ensure accurate vote tallying which, in this case, puts the GOP at major risk to lose the Senate.

If the GOP state government in Georgia will take the actions necessary to clean up part of the United States’ election and promise that every legitimate vote cast in-person at a polling station is counted, our constitutional republic will be safer, secure, and more accurate.