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Alex Jones Swoops Into Election Protest In Arizona With His Cameras Full Blast

Jones made a few substantive points during the half-hour visit, such as complaining about the outsized role of big tech dictating elections. The rest was mostly made-for-YouTube theater.


PHOENIX, Ariz. — Controversial radio host Alex Jones made a surprise appearance Thursday night at a protest in Arizona outside the Phoenix-area Maricopa County election center.

Jones emerged on site Thursday night with all the flare of a Hollywood celebrity. As the radio personality marked a dramatic entrance to the municipal parking lot screaming “1776” into a megaphone, the crowd of Trump supporters surrounded Jones and followed with every step.

“The globalists thought they could defeat our country! They’ve only awakened the sleeping giant!” Jones shouted into a microphone at the center of a huddle.

At the protest demanding greater transparency in the ballot-counting process, Jones then began directing his ire towards the typical targets of the host’s online fire.

“Burn in hell, Bill Gates! Burn in hell, Fauci! America is awake and we are never backing down!” Jones screamed. “America is awake!”

Throughout the brief appearance, Jones led chants of “USA,” “Biden for prison,” and “1776,” comparing the current moment to the fight for American independence nearly 250 years ago.

“America is fighting for its life,” Jones said standing on top the back of a pick-up truck. “The moment we’re in is as important as 1776, July 4th!”

Jones made a few substantive points during the half-hour visit, such as complaining about the outsized role of big tech dictating the 21st century public square to influence elections.

“Big tech had tried to steal the election, but America knows what happened and is fighting back!” Jones said. Facebook and Twitter indeed suppressed bombshell revelations in October implicating Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in his son’s potentially criminal overseas business activity while amplifying every anonymously sourced claim against President Donald Trump to surface from corporate media.

On the other hand, Jones also called for executives of Google, Facebook, and Twitter to be in prison. When asked on the sidelines what big tech censorship might look like under a Biden administration, Jones said “it’ll be totally worse.”

“China is the model,” Jones added.

While railing against China to an angry crowd on the back of the pickup, several counter-protestors showed up with signs behind him, prompting Jones to turn around and condemn the liberal agitators as “corrupt globalists.”

Jones was gone by 9 p.m., and the protestors went back to moments of group prayer and grievance, airing frustrations about the ballot process that bipartisan officials in the state have concluded are a result of voter confusion over inconsistencies in precinct policies.

Many voters reported that local election officials made individuals vote with Sharpie markers that bled through ballots, invalidating them. The claims, which spread rapidly on social media, were dismissed by local election officials and investigated by the state’s Republican attorney general, who determined that what became known as “Sharpiegate” “did not result in disenfranchisement for Arizona voters.”

An equally pressing issue for the Republican protestors Thursday night were demands that Fox News and the Associated Press retract their projections in Arizona for Biden, whose lead has collapsed since each outlet made their calls earlier this week. As of this writing, Biden leads by less than 50,000 votes with thousands more remaining to be counted, many of which come from rural areas favorable to the president.

The Trump campaign, and even FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver, have called Arizona’s projections premature.