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After Twitter Shut Down Biden Corruption Reports, Democrats Boost Blatant Disinformation

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Social media companies censor Hunter Biden stories, all while allowing viral tweets of false accusations and conspiracy theories from Democrats run wild.


Democrats complain about “far-right disinformation campaigns,” and advocate for social media giants to censor and fact-check any claim they disagree with, but fail to recognize their own role in actively spreading falsehoods and misinformation.

Despite Twitter and Facebook’s reported devotion to fact-checking and limiting the spread of misinformation, including censoring the New York Post’s story revealing Joe Biden’s knowledge of his son’s foreign business dealings, a number of other misinformation campaigns recently peddled by Democrats have gone unchecked.

Vox’s Aaron Rupar contributed to the Democrats’ spread of disinformation in a now-deleted tweet alleging that Trump engaged in a quid pro quo with ExxonMobil, offering them permits in exchange for campaign money.

“I call the head of Exxon. I’ll use a company. ‘How are you doing? How’s energy coming? When are you doing the exploration? Oh, you need a couple of permits, huh? But I call the head of Exxon I say, ‘You know, I’d love you to send me $25 million for the campaign.’ -Trump #QuidProQuo,” the tweet read.

In reality, Trump was speaking in the hypothetical on Monday afternoon at a rally in Arizona, offering the crowd with an example of how he could raise more campaign donations than his opponent Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden if he wanted to.

Rupar posted an explanation for his tweet, claiming that he thought that people would catch on to the hypothetical, but his original and false allegations against the president, however, was quickly spread by elected Democrats and left-leaning Twitter users.

Many people were so confused by the comments on social media that ExxonMobil had to clarify that the reported conversation never actually happened.

Another out of context clip spread misinformation when Elena Kuhn, communications for Michigan Democrats, posted a clipped video of GOP Senate candidate John James supposedly “fumbling” over his answer to a question about pre-existing conditions protections outside of Obamacare.

The misleading post was shared over a thousand times by Democrat blue checkmarks and pundits, including James’s opponent.

The full answer by James, however, is minutes long and details his plan to provide “a market-based, patient-centered approach” by “increasing competition, choice, and quality of care” through tax reform, expanding risk pools, and allowing associations.

In yet another example of misinformation, Democrats shared a doctored email suggesting that the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation retracted their endorsement of Sen. Joni Ernst who is up for reelection.

The Iowa Farm Bureau Federation released a statement on Sunday clarifying that the email was false, but many had already shared the original post.

“Recently, a fake email has been circulating through social media that Senator Ernst no longer has the support of Iowa Farm Bureau or our members. This email is fake, and any news reports that speak to its validity are false,” the statement read. “… the Iowa Farm Bureau was proud to designate her as a Friend of Agriculture. She continues to have our full support.”

And in an ironic twist of a disinformation campaign, mainstream media and Democrats have grabbed onto false accusations made by House Intelligence Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff, who claimed the recently released Biden emails are linked to Russian election interference.

On Monday, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe debunked Schiff’s claims, explicitly stating there is no information or intelligence suggesting foreign interference is behind the New York Post’s Biden stories.

“Let me be clear,” Ratcliffe said on Fox Business. “The intelligence community doesn’t believe that because there is no intelligence that supports that.”