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Clarence Thomas Fraudster Anita Hill Can’t Figure Out Why People Don’t Trust Harassment Accusations

Anita Hill

Anita Hill is in the news again, this time unveiling a report by the Hollywood Commission, a nonprofit she heads allegedly devoted to addressing sexual harassment and other woke matters in Hollywood. Hill’s big finding? A high number of people surveyed, 64 percent, believe someone in a position of power will not be held accountable for sexual harassment.

Why this troubling number? Because leftist, radical feminists such as Hill continually inject politics into this problem. Hill and the feminist movement have turned the serious crimes of sexual assault and harassment into a political game. Instead of fighting to bring every perpetrator to justice, Hill and other feminists have attacked conservatives, regardless of the credibility of the allegations, while giving Democrats a pass even when allegations are very credible.

Hill shocked the world nearly 29 years ago this week when she emerged in the 11th hour of the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas to accuse him of sexually harassing her a decade earlier. Hill’s story never added up, as she followed him from one job to another and repeatedly contacted Thomas after she stopped working for him.

At the conclusion of the brutal Senate Judiciary Committee hearings, chaired by then-Sen. Joe Biden, a New York Times poll showed that the American people believed Thomas over Hill by the substantial margin of 58-24 percent, with only 26 percent of women believing Hill. Yet after Thomas was confirmed, Hill and many feminists claimed Biden had treated her unfairly during the hearings and vowed to ensure that charges of sexual harassment were dealt with seriously in the future.

Anita Hill Defended the Accused if They Were Democrats

Just a few years later, however, on “Meet The Press,” Hill was defending President Bill Clinton, a Democrat, against serious claims of sexual harassment and assault from Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey. On Clinton’s conduct, Hill stated, “We have to look at the totality of the presidency and how has he been on women’s issues generally.” When Tim Russert asked if this was “a double standard for a liberal as opposed to a conservative,” Hill shockingly said, “We live in a political world and the reality is … there are larger issues other than just individual behavior.” You can’t make this stuff up.

Hill defended Clinton because his politics were “correct.” In that moment, Hill laid bare the motivation of the leftist, feminist movement: If your politics are with us, you get a free pass — even on sexual assault. New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd admitted in 2016 that “Feminism sort of died” in the 1990s when its leaders defended the sexual misconduct of Clinton “to protect the progressive policies for women that Bill Clinton had as president.”

In her memoirs, perhaps in an effort to validate her failed efforts against Thomas, Hill included statements from those hearings by Democratic Sen. Ted Kennedy — the same Kennedy who drove his car off a bridge in Chappaquiddick and left the young woman who was with him to die in his submerged vehicle, the same Kennedy with whom female staffers knew not to get in the same elevator.

During the Hill-Thomas hearings, Kennedy stayed mostly mute because his nephew William Kennedy Smith was going to trial on rape charges that occurred on the same night he was out drinking with his Uncle Ted Kennedy. Despite Kennedy leaving a young woman to die a horrible death and having a reputation as a womanizer, Hill admired Kennedy because he was pro-abortion. It would never occur to Hill to hold Kennedy accountable.

Yet true to the playbook, Hill was more than willing to support baseless sexual assault allegations by Christine Blasey Ford against Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Hill claimed Kavanaugh had the burden of proof to prove these allegations never happened, even though the judge had been in public life for 25 years and had undergone five FBI background checks in which nothing like this had ever been alleged, just like Thomas.

After the hearings, in which Ford’s try was exposed as having gaping holes with her allegations, which were unsupported by any of the four people she claimed were at the party the night the assault allegedly happened, Hill said she believed Ford.

Hill’s Double Standard Is on Full Display with Biden

Now Hill says she will vote for Joe Biden and looks forward to working with him on sexual harassment issues. This is a perfect illustration of Hill’s double standard. Not once has she addressed Biden’s long history of touching women in a sexually inappropriate manner. Moreover, Hill has given the former vice president a pass on Tara Reade’s credible sexual assault allegations that Biden sexually assaulted her more than 15 years ago.

When Reade came forward with her sexual assault allegations in March 2020, Hill stayed silent for three weeks before stating just once that there should be an independent investigation into these allegations. Of course, there was no independent investigation, and Democrats seemed happy to let Biden stonewall the issue. Biden had only one interview about the matter.

Hill would never think about holding Democrat Joe Biden accountable for such conduct. She is a fraud. With the full backing of the leftist feminist movement, she lied about Thomas and has made a lifetime of using the issue of sexual harassment as a political weapon against political opponents and giving Democrats like Biden a pass.

No wonder nearly two-thirds of people surveyed have come to believe that those in power will not be held accountable for sexual harassment. Shame on Anita Hill.