Big Tech Is Making Us Worse And It’s Making Them Richer

Big Tech Is Making Us Worse And It’s Making Them Richer

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Senior Editor Christopher Bedford joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to break down big tech’s rising power and their recent attacks on the New York Post’s article detailing Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings.

“At its heart, it’s about elite corruption,” Jashinsky said. “You have the wealthy son of the Vice President of the United States selling access to the Vice President. And this is legitimate evidence of it. I get that their concerns that this is hacked material or whatever, but this is legitimate evidence.”

Bedford and Jashinsky also point out Twitter and other social media companies’ hypocrisy in choosing to overwhelmingly censor conservative content is telling about its corporate ideological motivations.

“They are all ideological allies and it’s not about being Democrats and Republicans, it’s about enforcing this new binary that you’re either progressive full progressive or you’re a bigot, and there is no wiggle room,” Jashinsky said. 

According to Bedford, Republicans are going to have to be creative in big tech reform without sacrificing free speech and without the influence of think tanks funded by ideologically motivated corporations.

“How do we break up [powerful global big tech companies] in a way that is legal and that doesn’t violate our own government regulation of speech ideas?” Bedford said. “And you know, not to be weak-willed about it or limp-wristed, but to figure out how to do this intelligently so it doesn’t backfire.”

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