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Sean Davis: If Nobody Goes To Prison For Russia Hoax, It Will Happen Again

“If nobody is made to pay for this, if nobody goes to prison, it’s going to happen again,” said Federalist Co-Founder Sean Davis.


The Federalist Co-Founder Sean Davis called for accountability of U.S. officials involved in the Russian collusion hoax on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Tuesday.

Despite the widespread knowledge of a false campaign against Trump among U.S. officials, Davis said many have yet to pay for their actions which could yield extensive consequences for the nation.

“If nobody is made to pay for this, if nobody goes to prison, it’s going to happen again,” Davis said. “And when it happens again, because these people are going to be completely emboldened by the lack of accountability, it will be far worse, even though that may be hard to imagine. Far worse than what they did in 2016, which itself was criminal.”


Davis discussed the recent release of declassified information indicating that the CIA director knew about “Russian knowledge of Hillary Clinton’s anti-Trump collusion smear operation” and that former President Barack Obama was briefed about it, but did nothing.

“It wasn’t just at the FBI. The CIA knew it, the CIA director knew it. The President of the United States was briefed on it in the Oval Office and the Russians knew it,” Davis said. “That’s important because as the FBI was pretending to look into whether Trump was colluding with the Russians, our own intelligence services knew that Russia was aware of Clinton’s plans and therefore able, and possibly likely, to start injecting disinformation of their own into her entire process, which is what actually happened.”

This lack of accountability, according to both Carlson and Davis is “undermining democracy” in the U.S. and should raise significant concerns for the future.

“This wasn’t just some sort of silly game that had no real consequences or implications. These people used this to cast doubt on our election. They talk about the integrity of our democracy. They were the ones crapping all over it,” Davis said. “After Trump was inaugurated, they went and hijacked the presidency, they tried to cripple it. They put in this completely bogus special counsel based on false pretenses to cripple the administration heading right into the 2018 elections.”

“You want to live in a place where the CIA operates indefinitely from the president against the favored party’s political enemies? I can’t imagine anything more third-world,” Carlson added.