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Trump: Russia Collusion Hoaxers Are ‘Savage Animals’ Who ‘Hate Our Country’


The people who ran the Russian collusion hoax for the last seven years are “savage animals” who “hate our country,” former President Donald Trump said in his debate-night interview with Tucker Carlson.

Just a few minutes into his conversation with Trump, Carlson asked Trump if he was worried that his political opponents were “going to try and kill you.”

“They’re savage animals. They are people that are sick, really sick,” Trump replied.

Trump said some Democrats are “good people” but the deep state pawns who paid for the scheme to undermine his presidency before it even started are not.

“I’ve seen what they do. I’ve seen the lengths that they go to, where they make up the Russia, Russia, Russia, when that’s exposed and they go down,” Trump said.

He lamented that his Attorney General Bill Barr did not prosecute the bureaucrats who, despite possessing no evidence of collusion from the beginning, latched onto a thinly-veiled narrative hatched by Clinton campaign operatives to screw over the ruling class’s political opponent.

“Barr should have gone after them and other people should have gone after after them,” Trump said.

Instead of immediately facing punishment, top Crossfire Hurricane players capitalized on their “open disdain for Trump,” “asserted that they would prevent Trump from becoming president,” and leaked information from the discredited Steele dossier to the corrupt corporate media. This continued for the last seven years.

Trump said it was only after Special Counsel John Durham released his report that people began to go after hoaxers.

“It could have been a lot tougher I guess but it was fairly good but it explained how corrupt it was,” Trump said of the Durham report.

Trump reserved most of his praise for Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who released a damning report in 2021 about the FBI’s “widespread” Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court violations.

“He did a phenomenal report,” Trump said. “He did it on Comey and on I guess McCabe and some others. And it was a vicious — it was basically a true report on how bad they are.”

Trump specifically liked that Horowitz chided Former Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe and former FBI Director James Comey, who claimed they should not be held responsible for the factual errors in FISA applications which were used in 2016 to spy on Trump’s adviser Carter Page.

“These people are sick people. These are people that, I think, they hate our country,” Trump remarked.

“It’s so sad to see,” he added. “We have a country that’s very fragile right now.”

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