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Teen Vogue’s Latest Crap Take: Rockstar Jurist Amy Coney Barrett, Mother Of Four Girls, Hates Women


“Teen Vogue,” the teen version of the fashion magazine “Vogue,” ran a fear-mongering story Saturday titled, “Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee May Be a Woman, But She Won’t Help Women.” Since Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, the left has been in utter hysteria over Trump’s pro-life Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett. The mission to attack and undermine Barrett, the mother of seven, is coming from all directions, even teen gossip magazines. 

Teen Vogue’s op-ed declared that Trump’s nomination of Barrett to replace Ginsburg was a “malicious nod to RBG’s legacy.” The article went on to argue that even though Barrett is a woman, she isn’t the right woman. “We can’t just settle for any woman… Having a woman on the Supreme Court isn’t a victory for feminism if her policies are inherently anti-feminist.” 

The op-ed even stated that during the Trump presidency “we’ve learned that women — specifically white women — are more inclined to capitulate to men in power than to look out for each other.” Yes, the article linked to a different op-ed that argued white women, like legal giant Barrett, are part of a long legacy of women driving white supremacy. 

The Teen Vogue article concludes with classic left-wing scare tactics, calling Barrett’s appointment a “nightmare scenario,” and predicting that if “Trump manages to get his way, the entire country, particularly anyone who is not a white, straight male, will feel the effects.”  

The left has been throwing a tantrum over Barrett’s potential nomination from the moment RBG died, running over-the-top stories like “This Is Amy Coney Barrett, The Potential RBG Replacement Who Hates Your Uterus.” The left has not been able to resist attacking Barrett for being a devout Catholic. They have done it before and Catholics are preparing for more during the upcoming Senate hearings. 

So why does it matter that Teen Vogue, a frivolous magazine for tweens and teens, has jumped on the anti-Amy Coney Barrett bandwagon? The answer is, like so many other parts of popular culture, Teen Vogue has become a vehicle of the radical left cultural indoctrination machine. Fashion and celebrity gossip are secondary to their political goals. They run stories like, “4 Key Ways to Build Strong Social Justice Movements,” and use celebrities and trends to radicalize American youth, with stories like “Lizzo and Senator Kamala Harris Talked About the Importance of Voting.”

Other recent headlines from the gossip magazine include “Climate Change Deniers Are Embracing QAnon to Gain Followers,” “New York’s Summer of Beautiful Anarchy,” and “Ronald Reagan Sucked, Actually.” 

In August, Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw and Sen. Ted Cruz slammed Teen Vogue for publishing an op-ed calling for the abolishment of private property rights and the police. Oh yeah, Teen Vogue has also become a strong advocate for socialism.

A few more published articles include, “How I can critique capitalism — even on an iPhone”, “Who is Karl Marx — meet the anti-capitalist scholar” and “Four big takeaways from Bernie’s speech on democratic socialism.” So, if you are wondering why your children suddenly hold radical left-wing beliefs you never instilled in them, thank the radical left, which has been slowly taking over American pop culture for decades as parents allowed it to decide what their children believe. 

Teen Vogue’s assault on Barrett isn’t surprising, but it should be troubling. Barrett should be an inspiration to Teen Vogue’s young female readers. She graduated first in her class in law school and was universally hailed as the best Supreme Court Clerk in her cohort. She is fiercely devoted to her family and her 7 children, all under the age of 20.

She is an adoptive mother and a mother of a child with special needs. She has been able to balance her busy and admirable home life with a successful career as a caring professor and a brilliant jurist. With all but two Republican senators strongly united to see her appointment through, she is well poised to become America’s next Supreme Court justice. 

In many ways, Barrett represents a new wave of feminism, one that views a successful marriage as a means to a successful home and work life. Barrett’s brand of feminism emphasizes balance and a belief that women can actually have it all! Instead of tearing her down, Teen Vogue should be celebrating Barrett as an ideal example of female empowerment.

Teen Vogue explained it themselves: Barrett is a woman, but not the right woman. In other words, the writers and editors of Teen Vogue are teaching their young readers that women, regardless of their competence and intelligence, are not worthy of success and recognition if they do not check the right ideological boxes.

Sadly, Teen Vogue uses their cultural influence to push this dangerous agenda on young girls at the expense of a truly admirable and accomplished woman and her beautiful family.