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OMB Director Russell Vought On Defunding Critical Race Theory In Federal Agencies

Vought said the government prioritizes diversity, but wants to facilitate a diversity curriculum that unites the country instead of using “buzzwords” to divide it.


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, director of the Office of Management and Budget Russell Vought joins Ben Domenech to discuss how his office responded to the discovery of the recent critical race theory curriculum being used by federal agencies.

After news broke last week that federal agencies were implementing critical race theory into their diversity training, Vought said that his office took swift action issuing a cease and desist letter against the “problematic and un-American” content.

“The result that comes out of that viewpoint is that America is racist and white people are racist as a whole. And it’s impossible for a regime to survive when its federal government is telling its federal workers that the very country that they are serving, let alone citizens that reported it, are propagating a racist system,” Vought explained.

While Vought says diversity is something the government prioritizes, his agency desires to implement and facilitate a diversity curriculum that unites the country instead of using “buzzwords” to divide it.

“We want diverse workforces. We want a professional, career staff that has many different viewpoints,” Vought explained. “And over time, I think we’re trying to figure out ways to have true diversity. But what we’re not willing to do is to have diversity training of a particular, quite frankly, Marxist bent that’s designed to divide the country.”

Vought also explained how the OMB dealt with economic uncertainty during COVID-19 and what fiscal responsibility looks like under the Trump administration, saying that reform begins once the country is open again.

“Our view has always been, if you want to set up the debate about fiscal responsibility, first, you got to get the country growing again, get people working, and get the labor force participation rate up,” Vought said.

“I would say the President has put forward more spending reductions in his budget than any president in history,” Vought added. “Not just on the discretionary side but also on the mandatory side.” 

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