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After Day Three Of The DNC, Still No Denunciation Of Riot Violence

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If Democratic leaders were ‘screaming’ to denounce the riots, one would presume its prime-time national convention would be the place to do it.


Democrats wrapped up day three of their online convention Wednesday spending six hours in prime time running a mundane infomercial for “Orange Man Bad,” painting President Donald Trump as an egotistical emperor hellbent on destroying the country.

While Democrat powerhouses condemned Trump for killing Americans with the China virus and spent time celebrating their ticket’s pledge to pursue widespread gun confiscation, there was no mention of the left-wing militants terrorizing the nation’s cities.

To the contrary, the surge in city homicides this year accompanying anarchic demands to defund police in Democrat-controlled cities was all but ignored, save for the routine blame on firearms. It was just 24 hours earlier that mob rioters in Portland on their 83rd straight night of lawless unrest set ablaze the municipal building home to Oregon’s first same-sex wedding. There wasn’t one indictment, however, of the societal breakdown coming from the party’s own base Wednesday night, only charges of Trump’s supposed incompetence for refusing to heed protestor demands to allow cities to burn in the absence of law enforcement.

Just hours before the convention’s third prime-time kickoff, Fox News Contributor Marie Harf claimed on the network’s “Outnumbered” that “Democratic leaders are screaming that this is not what people like John Lewis would have wanted us to do.”

“If you do not think the Democrats are speaking out about it, you’re not listening,” Harf said on the five-person panel, some of whom appeared visibly confused on-screen and for good reason. If Democratic leaders were “screaming” to denounce the riots, one would presume its prime-time national convention would be the place to do it.

“But just not at the biggest bully pulpit that they have right now, not at the convention, just not there,” show co-host Harris Faulkner observed in response. “I haven’t heard the screaming. I cover it every day as we all do. I’m listening for it.”

The network’s Melissa Francis chimed in to concur.

“They have not denounced the violence,” Francis said, noting that when talking about the DNC at least, Democrats have been tight-lipped about the riots from their own political allies before expressing optimism that Hillary Clinton might be the one to step up to the occasion and “say let’s stop the violence.”

She didn’t. Not a word.