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Watch CNN’s Don Lemon Whitewash ‘Black Lives Matter’

When actor Terry Crews tried to correct Don Lemon on the goals of Black Lives Matter, the CNN host would not let him speak.


Actor Terry Crews sparked controversy this week with a tweet that appeared to be critical of the Black Lives Matter movement, in which Crews has the gall to suggest that white people and black people actually need to work together to defeat racism. Reaction to Crews was swift, accusing him of hurting the cause.

Monday night Crews appeared on CNN anchor Don Lemon’s primetime show to defend his perfectly reasonable sentiment. The conversation turned to what Black Lives Matter stands for and that is where Lemon reverted to absolute gaslighting regarding the movement’s Marxist ideologies and goals.

After a condescending statement to Crews that he should grow thicker skin, Lemon proceeded to explain that Black Lives Matters originated around the issue of police brutality, not broader issues, and that is all the movement is about. He likens it to an anti-cancer charity being criticized for not battling HIV. But this is nonsense and Crews knows it, and he begins to point out why.

In the critical exchange Crews says, “But when you look at the organization, police brutality is not all they are talking about.” Here Lemon jumps in with “I know that but that’s not what the Black Lives Matter movement is about.” At this point Lemon simply talks over Crews, not allowing him to make his factual point regarded the stated aims of Black Lives Matter.

Lemon’s own statement makes no sense on its face. He says he knows that police brutality is not all that Black Lives Matter is about, but that still police brutality is all that Black Lives Matter is about.

All of this stems from a confusion that I laid out in these pages last month surrounding the dueling definitions of the term Black Lives Matter. Lemon is talking about the general statement of support for black lives and an effort to improve the criminal justice system. Crews is talking about a Marxist organization that, among other things, wants to destroy the primacy of the nuclear family.

The good news is that a discussion of the chasm between these meanings is happening now. It’s even almost happening on CNN. More and more Americans are seeing the disconnect between the laudable but vague meaning of Black Lives Matter and the Marxist meaning. In the black community, the latter Black Lives Matter movement is being called out by some now, including grieving parents, for its willful blindness over the deaths of black Americans as a result of crime.

This is a message that has to be hammered home. When confronted with the motto Black Lives Matter, or when it is painted with government approval on our streets, we must ask which version is being represented? So far this approach is working, more and more we hear the competing definitions discussed and dissected.

When companies adopt the slogan they must be pressed on whether this is general support for civil rights, or a call to fundamentally transform almost every aspect of American life. As long as they are not forced to make this choice they will continue, as Don Lemon did Monday night, to give cover to an organization as anti-American as any in recent history.