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Politicians Who Praise Riots But Shut Down July 4 Can Arrest Me At My BBQ


On March 13, 2020, I don’t believe any of us thought we’d be nearing Independence Day weekend and still be unable to celebrate our nation with fireworks and friends. Yet that is exactly what these leftists are telling us we cannot do.

On July 1, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced wide-ranging closures of restaurants, bars, and even beaches leading up to the Fourth of July weekend and continuing until July 6.

My grandparents are at risk and almost 90. Due to Hawaii’s draconian shutdown, which led to the cancellation of flights, rental cars, and lodging, we had to abandon plans to visit my Gramps to celebrate his 90th birthday party.

My mother in law resides with us and has underlying health issues and gets bronchitis yearly. My parents are older than 60, and our church is made up of many of those who are most vulnerable. So I, like many of my friends, was adamant about protecting the general public and our nation’s most vulnerable citizens when almost four months ago we were told we needed to “flatten the curve” and shut everything down.

But as time went on, I and many others began to wonder if the “why” behind the shutdown was beginning to quietly fade away. We questioned the failures of leftist leaders who claimed to have our best interests at heart.

Many have ignored New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s failures even though he sent COVID-19-positive patients back to nursing homes, where our country’s most vulnerable were locked in. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio told people it was totally fine to go out in March, then urged them to protest in June. In fact, he mentioned being proud of his daughter who was arrested at a protest, even as he targeted Jewish events throughout the city and boroughs.

Mayor Eric Garcetti didn’t bat an eye at hosting the Los Angeles marathon five days before he shut down schools and nonessential businesses. More than 27,000 people participated in the race, to say nothing of the thousands of spectators and volunteers as well as the local law enforcement necessary for it to occur.

These same “leaders” participated in protests then gave us curfews that continued to shut down businesses in our areas. They told us it was our civic duty to “do something,” or at least “say something,” if we saw anyone stepping outside of the tightly prescribed rules of the Anointed. If we didn’t, that in and of itself was apparently a violent act.

They could have admitted they may be wrong. They could apologize to the unemployed. They could own up for their mistakes and their short-sighted politicization of a movement. Instead, they now proclaim the reopenings were too hasty, failed us, and led to an increase of COVID cases.

In Wednesday’s presser on the re-lockdown, Garcetti said we moved forward prematurely. He castigated the reopening policies for being too lax and rapid. Yet it’s disingenuous and wrong for Garcetti to claim that a rush to reopen the Los Angeles economy is the sole reason for this uptick in cases.

The very weekend businesses were finally able to hire up and open their doors, the George Floyd riots occurred, creating a week of curfews (as early as 1 p.m. local time in parts of the city) and destroying businesses right as they saw a possible opportunity to recover. Instead of rightly blaming the rioters, the looters, and the tens of thousands of protestors in close proximity screaming “defund the police,” Garcetti is trying to pass the buck onto the minimum-wage workers, small business owners, and those who merely want to go out and return to normal life.

Not only has there been a reclosing of indoor dining and bars, but beaches have been closed as well during what will be Los Angeles County’s second hottest weekend of the year. Most of the time, we have mild and enjoyable weather, but not everyone has an air conditioner and more than 5 million residents in L.A. County reside in tenant housing.

Not everyone has a yard. Not everyone has a pool. And now, they’re being told the beaches they pay for with their tax dollars will be shut down on a weekend where everyone should be out celebrating their freedom.

Remember the contact tracers we were told were necessary to find out if we’d been to a grocery store or birthday party? In New York, those same people aren’t able to ask if those who are a part of the most recent COVID-19 spike were at a protest or a rally. In California and Illinois, it’s not a rule on the books but it’s certainly implied.

Even though the most vulnerable are those older than 60 and locked down in nursing homes, officials are using this spike as an excuse to re-lockdown everyone. Across the country, we’re seeing the median age of those affected drop from 65-plus to their 20s and 30s. Curious — where were those young people about two weeks ago?

So, excuse me if I say a big “screw you” to our mayor and governor. I’ll be hosting friends from out of town and welcoming any others who want to celebrate the Fourth of July in gorgeous southern California despite our atrocious mayor and governor telling us we shouldn’t do so. Now, forgive me while I finish buying beer for our “insurrectionist” Fourth of July gathering.