Elisha Krauss
Elisha Krauss

Elisha is a work-from-home mom and conservative speaker/commentator. She resides in Los Angeles with her family in a fixer-upper where they like to host BBQs, despite the government telling them not to. Her website is ElishaKrauss.com.

Netflix Slips Transgender Propaganda Into ‘Baby-Sitters Club’ Targeted At Tweens

Netflix’s new 2020 adaptation of ‘The Baby-Sitters Club’ advertises itself for all ages but contains leftist propaganda and content only fit for adults.

Politicians Who Praise Riots But Shut Down July 4 Can Arrest Me At My BBQ

I’ll be hosting friends from out of town and welcoming any others who want to celebrate the Fourth of July despite our atrocious mayor and governor telling us we shouldn’t do so.