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White Liberals Can Make $12k A Day On ‘White Privilege’

racist lectures

Telling white people they’re racist is turning out to be a lucrative business.


Telling white people they’re racist is turning out to be a lucrative business.

Newly uncovered documents obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation discovered that left-wing academic and architect of critical race theory Robin DiAngelo raked in more cash from a single speech than the median black household earns in three months.

DiAngelo, who authored “White Fragility” and is credited with creating the “white privilege checklist,” charged the University of Kentucky $12,000 for a two-hour on-campus lecture titled “Racial Justice Keynote and breakout session.” The $12,000 bill did not include costs for travel and lodging, according to the Caller.

DiAngelo’s contract with the university also prohibited phone calls with event organizers and mandated all communications be sent through email to either her or an assistant. “If phone calls are deemed necessary, they will be charged at a rate of $320 per hour,” the contract stated, according to a review by the Caller.

Charging honorariums for speaking engagements is standard practice for prominent figures. Universities often shell out large sums of cash to bring high-profile politicians, celebrities, or media personalities to campus, the overwhelming number of which lean left.

DiAngelo’s event, where she promoted her newest book, “White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism,” however, appears to be among the latest episodes of woke profiteering in the new business of telling white people they’re racist outside of university liberal arts programs, which have been profiting off wokeness for decades.

In February, the Guardian reported that woke white women, who seem to be leading the recent mob protests gripping the nation, are dishing out upwards of $2,500 a night to host a pair of activists to tell them how they’re all racist. The service, titled “Race to Dinner,” was co-founded by Regina Jackson, who is black, and Saira Rao, who is Indian American, for the sole purpose of informing white women of their inherent racism. People can also consult with either Jackson or Rao for $300 a session to be told how they hate minorities.