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David Marcus On The Museum Of Natural History’s Removal Of Teddy Roosevelt

The statue represents an America in which everybody is treated equal, and progressives have gone too far trying to destroy history through its removal of statues.



On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, The Federalist’s New York Correspondent David Marcus joined host Ben Domenech to discuss Marcus’ plans to protest the Museum of Natural History for its decision to remove its statue of Theodore Roosevelt from its steps.

The statue of Roosevelt on a horse next to an African man and a Native American man, Marcus said, represents Roosevelt’s progressive attitude. It shows the late president looking froward to an America in which everybody is treated equal. Modern progressives have gone too far in erasing history through its dangerous removal of statues.

“This is enough. William F. Buckley said stand athwart history and say stop,” Marcus said. “I’m saying stand athwart the destruction of history and say stop.”

Marcus is hosting a protest this Sunday, June 28 from 12pm-2pm outside the museum. Click here for more details.

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