Michael Hendrix On How To Reopen New York City

Michael Hendrix On How To Reopen New York City


Michael Hendrix, the Director of state and local policy at the Manhattan Institute, joins Ben Domenech on another edition of The Federalist Radio Hour to discuss the state of New York City as the epicenter of coronavirus in the United States and how to best reopen the Big Apple.

Domenech and Hendrix both observe that to live in a population-dense area, such as New York City, requires humans to interact at a much higher rate than in suburbia. Hendrix argues that New York City may be an anomaly.

“I think that we’re seeing in New York, temporarily many have fled. Some 400,000 I think, left New York City since coronavirus hit. Literally half of the East Village fled,” Hendrix said. “Your chances of catching COVID-19 go up dramatically the closer you get to New York City. So, I think you have to separate out New York City from the rest of the cities.”

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