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How Two Tennessee Mayors Are Tackling The Coronavirus Pandemic

Mayors Larry Waters and Joe Grandy discuss how their communities are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic on the local level on the Federalist Radio Hour.



Larry Waters is the county mayor of Sevier County, Tennessee and Joe Grandy is the county mayor of Washington County, Tennessee. Both county mayors join Ben Domenech on The Federalist Radio Hour to discuss the ways in which they are tackling the coronavirus pandemic.

Waters, who has served as mayor for 41 years, said the coronavirus pandemic has been one of the most unique and difficult challenges of his tenure.

“I’ve had a lot of challenges in the time I’ve been in here including floods, and a wildfire that destroyed 25,000 hundred homes in 2016 that was devastating and lost 14 lives. And then we had other disasters, but this has been one of the most unique disasters we’ve had and one of the most difficult,” Waters said.

Mayor Grandy said his role is to help keep the county operational and enact emergency powers.

“We’ve just been focused on trying to provide for [health professionals] including PPE and other necessities that keep our EMS group focused and functioning,” Grandy said.

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