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Villa-Dwelling Pod Bro Thinks Everyone Is Self-Quarantining On Couches And Guzzling Wine In The Shower

Pod Save America host Tommy Vietor has his thumb firmly on the pulse of his USB mic.


“Pod Save America” host Tommy Vietor has his thumb firmly on the pulse of his USB mic. In a tweet assessing the quarantined American landscape, Vietor lamented that “we” are all working from home, “we” are all swilling red wine in the shower, and “we” are all talking to plants.

The former Special Assistant to President Obama tweeted, then deleted, this very moving and very broadly applicable description on Tuesday. In case you’re too dense or too MAGA to understand satire, the point, of course, is that “things are not fine.”

Times are tough in America right now, but thankfully shower wine abounds. How fortunate it is that we’ve yet to see the kinds of mass layoffs that would leave people with no work to do from their couches at all, and everyone is able to stay home long enough to seek the company of their succulents. Can you imagine surging unemployment? Or workers continuing to do their jobs?

Unemployment claims would be “unprecedented!” Business would face permanent closures! Some people would have to risk their health to do their job! It’s positively unthinkable.

At publishing time, the latest edition of Vietor’s podcast was the sixth most popular episode on iTunes. After all, it’s those sweet, sweet clicks that keep the L.A.-based podcaster safe and warm and wine-drunk in his new $3 million Spanish Villa. Perhaps all the “well-placed evergreen trees for privacy” are blocking his view. Perhaps that’s the point.