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New York Times Discovers Voters Are Paying Little Mind To Impeachment

The fact is, Americans are smarter than Washington thinks and can recognize performative action versus something that can result in a tangible outcome such as the Brett Kavanaugh hearings.


The New York Times discovered this week that few people around the country seemed to pay much attention to the the House passing articles of impeachment Wednesday making President Donald Trump only the third president in history to be impeached.

“It was a momentous day in American history. But, by all indications, it was not a momentous day in the lives of most Americans,” the Times declared. “As history played out Wednesday amid the bombast and rancor of impeachment proceedings, many of them seemed intent on looking elsewhere.”

The Times reported on people across the country who remained focused on their day-to-day lives over the circus act unfolding in Washington. Counter to what many beltway insiders tend to believe, most Americans are not obsessing about politics, especially when they are as nefarious as the Democrats’ efforts to reverse the results of the 2016 election.

I saw this play out firsthand in the nation’s capital. When I clocked in for my part-time bar job at a local pub just two blocks from the White House, I first anticipated seeing each of the restaurant’s televisions tuned into the House impeachment debate as we did during last year’s infamous Brett Kavanaugh hearings.

Instead, the TVs were turned on to their typical channels: ESPN, Chive TV playing short random clips from the internet, and other various sports channels. Only one TV had the news turned on and at around 4 p.m. a guest had it changed to sports.

The fact is, Americans are smarter than Washington thinks and can recognize performative action versus something that can result in a tangible outcome such as the Kavanaugh hearings.

Justice Kavanaugh endured a bruising confirmation process. His ultimate success in reaching the nation’s highest court was by no means an easy task for Republicans. Kavanaugh’s nomination last year was hampered by uncorroborated and discredited allegations of sexual assault from more than 30 years ago that put the judge’s confirmation in serious jeopardy.

The hearings garnered wall-to-wall media coverage and captured the nation’s attention. According to Nielsen ratings data reported by Reuters, an estimated 20 million people across six networks tuned into Kavanaugh’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The rushed impeachment proceedings launched by Democrats, on the other hand, have been nothing but a show-trial for Democrats culminating in a three-year campaign that began prior to Trump’s inauguration to effectively ban the president from the Oval Office. Even after the House passed the articles of impeachment by a partisan vote, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced her intention to delay sending them to the Senate.

If the House passed articles of impeachment to “save the republic” from Trump but refuses to hand them over to the Senate for trial, then what was even the point? Her actions prove the Democratic efforts to be nothing more than a sham in a desperate attempt to resurrect their hopes of overturning the American voters in 2016 after the epic failure of the grand Russian collusion hoax.

So it should come as no surprise that only an estimated 13.8 million viewers tuned in the first public impeachment hearing held by the House Intelligence Committee across 10 networks, a stark decline from Kavanaugh’s 20.

The end result of the impeachment proceedings has always been clear. The Democratic-controlled House hungry for impeachment would pass the articles only for the president to be cleared of all charges in the Republican-controlled Senate.

The Constitution mandates a two-thirds majority to remove the president from office. That requires 20 out of the 53 Republicans in the Senate to join Democrats in their partisan efforts. In other words, Trump’s removal prior to inauguration day on 2021 is a pipe-dream for Democrats, and Americans can see right through it.

Multiple polls show voters roundly rejecting the Democratic impeachment campaign. According to Real Clear Politics’ latest aggregate of polls documenting public opinion on the proceedings, public support for impeachment has gone underwater since the opening of the House’s investigation in September.