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The Reasons To Impeach Biden Keep Stacking Up

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It’s not just Biden’s corruption, it’s also his mental unfitness and his collusion with Mexico to foment the border crisis.


There are now at least three major reasons to impeach President Joe Biden: his corruption, his mental unfitness for office, and his criminal collusion with Mexico to foment the border crisis. Republicans in Congress could take their pick and be on solid footing, but they probably won’t pursue any of them.

It would be easy to do, and impeachment hearings should already be on the schedule for this week. First of all, there’s the corruption of the Biden family business, evidence of which has been piling up since House Republicans launched their impeachment inquiry back in the fall. Then there’s Biden’s mental unfitness for office as detailed in the special counsel report released last week and immediately corroborated by Biden himself in a disastrous news conference. And finally, there’s the lesser-known but in some ways most compelling cause for impeachment: Biden’s collaboration with a corrupt cartel-state synthesis in Mexico to create the ongoing border crisis.

Any one of these should be reason enough to impeach the president — certainly they amount to far more than what Democrats had on former President Trump in both of his sham impeachments. And yet Republicans seem determined to find reasons to do nothing.

In the months since House Republicans launched their impeachment inquiry, they have understandably focused on Hunter Biden’s influence-peddling schemes in China and Ukraine, and how the president and other members of his family are implicated in them. Despite uncovering mountains of evidence that the Biden family has indeed operated an overseas bribery racket for years, the inquiry will likely just peter out. Earlier this month, a number of House Republicans cast doubt on the proceedings, one calling it a “jumbled mess,” and another saying, “I don’t think it goes anywhere.” Given the GOP’s historic timidity and cowardice, this is hardly a surprise. At this point, Republican lawmakers probably won’t impeach Biden for corruption unless they have a recording of the president saying, “Thanks for the $5 million, Burisma. Now I’ll go fire that prosecutor like you asked.”

Then there’s the question of Biden’s mental fitness and ability to execute the duties of his office. The special counsel report, together with Biden’s embarrassing performance at a press conference that was meant to allay concerns over his cognitive decline, articulated what we’ve all known for some time now: Biden isn’t all there. The report was actually too kind, describing Biden as an “elderly man with a poor memory” when the truth is that Biden’s brain is mush. He rarely seems to know where he is, when it is, or what he’s talking about. He’s even confusing world leaders with their dead predecessors. Last week, he twice referred to the late German Chancellor Helmut Kohl instead of former Chancellor Angela Merkel and then confused François Mitterrand, the former French president who died in 1996, for French President Emmanuel Macron.

But it got worse! During the press conference about the special counsel report last week, Biden referred to Egyptian President El-Sisi as the president of Mexico. And that was just moments after he forgot where he’d gotten the rosary he wears in honor of his late son, lied about where classified documents had been found in his home, and angrily lashed out at reporters for daring to ask about his memory problems.

It wouldn’t be rocket science to impeach Biden for being unfit for office. Indeed, the special counsel report could be quite useful in this effort. The report references a recent recording of an interview with Biden that revealed “significant limitations” on his memory, as well as recorded conservations in 2017 with Biden’s ghostwriter, Mark Zwonitzer, that were “painfully slow,” with Biden “struggling to remember events and straining at times to read and relay his own notebook entries.”

Why haven’t House Republicans subpoenaed these recordings? Why have they not deposed Zwonitzer and the physicians treating Biden? These steps and more should have already been taken, or should be taken now, to advance what would be a fairly straightforward and airtight case for impeachment on the grounds that Biden is unfit for office.

Lastly — and most unlikely because it would require the most work by GOP lawmakers — is the increasingly apparent collusion between the Biden administration and the government of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, or AMLO as he’s commonly known. As the border crisis spins out of control, evidence mounts that what’s happening is not an organic surging of migrants just seeking a better life in the U.S., but a coordinated effort being carried out for profit by a corrupt and compromised Mexican state working hand-in-hand with the cartels that control the border.

Proving this would be a heavy lift, but the evidence is in plain sight. Simply put, the border crisis is manufactured, a for-profit scheme cooked up by cartels and elements of the Mexican state, including the AMLO administration. The illegal immigrant black market was worth an estimated $13 billion as of July 2022, and is likely worth much more than that now. And that’s not counting the $56 billion in remittances to Mexico from the U.S. every year, a large portion of which comes from illegal immigrants living and working in our country — and often sending remittances not just to their families but to the cartels as well.

AMLO is directly implicated in all this. Every Republican in Congress should take 15 minutes to read the recent report published by ProPublica chronicling the Sinaloa cartel’s bankrolling of AMLO’s 2006 presidential campaign. That was the beginning of a partnership that endures to this day. It’s the reason AMLO consistently tells the Biden administration that if they want Mexico to help with the crisis, they need to get paid — compensation for lost revenue. It’s also the reason AMLO has pursued a policy of appeasing the cartels since taking office at the end of 2018. 

At this point, it’s clear the Biden administration is doing the bidding of the AMLO administration when it comes to the border. From the Justice Department’s efforts to stop Texas from securing the border, to the White House’s disavowal of the ProPublica story, to the recent “bipartisan” border deal that provided hundreds of millions in bribe money to Mexico, the Biden administration is clearly colluding with AMLO’s corrupt cartel-backed regime to keep the border open.

More could be said about all three of these obvious cases for impeaching Biden. But the place to make those cases is in the impeachment proceedings themselves, which Republicans should be pursuing as their sole mission in life right now. If they did, they could make a case so compelling that even if it didn’t convince their Democrat colleagues, it would certainly convince the American people that it’s time to remove Biden from office.

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