During Impeachment Debate, Chip Roy Calls Out Congress For National Debt, Funding Abortion

During Impeachment Debate, Chip Roy Calls Out Congress For National Debt, Funding Abortion

Republican Rep. Chip Roy of Texas criticized his fellow lawmakers during debate over articles of impeachment Wednesday, pointing out the irony of Democrats’ supposedly renewed interest in the Constitution, while ignoring it daily.

“Where is respect for the Constitution when the people’s House daily refuses to do its actual job while shredding federalism and limited government?” he asked.

While Republican and Democratic members spent the day on the floor of the House debating and lamenting the act of impeachment they are expected to vote on Wednesday evening, Roy listed a number of other issues both more pertinent and dire to Americans than impeachment, including: the national debt, taxpayer-funded abortion, unsecured borders, and health care.

“Today in New York, a young mother will be coerced into abortion by taxpayer-funded Planned Parenthood, while we allow the genocide of the unborn in the false name of choice,” he said.

“Today our children inherit 100 million dollars of debt an hour, borrowed in the false name of what government can provide,” Roy said. “In this conduct by Congress, failing to do its jobs, that should be impeached.”

Roy finished off his speech by suggesting that America would be better off if it were governed by the first 435 names listed in the phonebook instead of the current elected members of Congress.

Speaking of “shredding federalism and limited government,” Congress is expected to pass a 2,000-page, $1.4 trillion spending bill this week, which does not include any border funding, but does fund the no-end-in-sight war in Afghanistan and expands abortion funding under Obamacare.

Madeline Osburn is managing editor at The Federalist. Follow her on Twitter.
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