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Fusion GPS Tries To Run Russian Collusion Hoax Redux Against Boris Johnson

Discredited smear-mongers Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch wrote in The Guardian that Russia was behind the re-election of Brexit-supporting conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson.


The founders of Fusion GPS, the Democrat-backed consulting firm behind the famously discredited Christopher Steele dossier at the heart of the Russia hoax, are blaming Russia for the liberal Labour Party’s loss in the U.K. elections Thursday. Seriously.

Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch penned an editorial published in the The Guardian, a British newspaper, asserting Russia was behind the triumphant re-election of Brexit-supporting conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Simpson and Fritsch are now urging the British government to launch an investigation into Russian interference in its elections mirroring the size and scale of the U.S. Robert Mueller probe, a two-year investigation studying the Russian collusion conspiracy theory that did irreparable harm to the United States and was based on a web of lies.

“Britain needs its own Mueller report on Russian ‘interference,’” the editors titled the article.

“The British political system has become thoroughly compromised by Russian influence,” Simpson and Fritsch declared. “In 2016, both the United Kingdom and the United States were the targets of Russian efforts to swing their votes. The aim was to weaken the alliances that had constrained Vladimir Putin’s ambitions, such as the European Union and NATO.”

Simpson and Fritsch go on to lend credence to the claim that the Russia government colluded with officials in the Trump campaign to defeat Hillary Clinton, which the Mueller report found to be entirely baseless after a two-year investigation with unlimited resources that exonerated the president.

“They were aided by a transatlantic cast of characters loosely organised around the Trump and Brexit campaigns. Many of them worked in concert and interacted with Russians close to the Kremlin,” Simpson and Fritsch wrote.

The op-ed published in the British newspaper fails to disclose that both Simpson and Fritsch were paid enormous sums of money through The Democracy Integrity Project to find (or manufacture?) evidence that Russia interfered in Britain’s Brexit campaign.

Early election results show British Prime Minister Johnson’s party sweeping to victory Britain’s elections over Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party in what will likely be the worst performance for the Labour Party in more than 30 years.