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‘Office Ladies’ Podcast Honors The Era Of Politically Incorrect Comedy

15 years after “The Office,” the show’s stars, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey kickstarted a re-watch podcast called “Office Ladies.”


15 years after the hit show “The Office” aired, two of the shows characters kickstarted a podcast called “Office Ladies.” The podcast stars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, who played Pam Beasley and Angela Martin respectively, as they dish behind-the-scenes tidbits while breaking down each episode of “The Office.”

The podcasts delivers fun-facts and points out the odd manner in which “The Office” was created, comparative to a typical television show. It answers fan questions and allows listeners to delve into the real life friendship between Fischer and Kinsey, which is not seen between their characters in the show.

Watching “The Office” back 15 years later, it’s now obvious how the show defies the political correctness that dominates television in 2019. In the first season alone, which constitutes all of six episodes, there is consistent racially-insensitive banter and stereotyping, by today’s standards. Not meant to harm anyone, simply created in an era where humor was taken as it was — humorous.

While “Office Ladies” isn’t the comic relief many were hoping for, we can appreciate how the hosts only point out the humor and avoid political correctness as they re-watch a show that would be considered deeply problematic if pitched in 2019.

The podcast, thus far, has featured the first five episodes of the show. One episode, “Diversity Day,” deals with racial insensitivity in an office setting. Michael Scott (Steve Carell) had used the n-word while mocking a Chris Rock routine and sentenced the office to mandatory diversity training, which the employees viewed as a drag. In the same episode, Dwight (Rainn Wilson) makes a pass at women for their bad driving. In another episode, “Basketball,” Michael calls the only African-American employee his “secret weapon” for his upcoming basketball game.

These jokes would never be accepted by the 2019 woke-scolds, and it’s surprising “The Office” has escaped the pitfalls of cancel culture thus far. Where are the diversity training officers to remind us what a joy diversity training is? Where is the feminist left to remind us all, women aren’t bad drivers?

Nowhere, thanks to the commentary by Fischer and Kinsey, which focuses listeners attention on the purpose of the show. These episodes are about ridiculous office scenarios and humor, not divisive political issues in 2019.

Despite the political posture of today’s society, “Office Ladies” delivers the fun-facts and recaps an episode without delivering a leftist-fueled scolding of the politically incorrect comedy. The podcast truly reminds us of the good ole days when political incorrectness was king.